10 Times Wanda Was The Most Powerful Character In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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” You Took Everything From Me.”- Wanda

Even though Wanda’s forces’ full scope has just barely started on screen, the Scarlet Witch actually had some lovely cool minutes throughout the long term.
Since her presentation into the MCU, Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known as Scarlet Witch, has gotten progressively mainstream among comic fans worldwide.
Her reclaiming circular segment from Ultron’s side-kick to an amazingly ground-breaking Avenger has been extraordinary to watch.
Now she is, at last, getting her time at the center of attention with her recent Television Show, WandaVision.
Fans have known that she is equipped for being an excellent character, and Kevin Feige even affirmed this back in 2019.
Albeit the full scope of her forces has just barely started on screen, the Scarlet Witch actually had some lovely cool minutes throughout the long term.



1. The Avenger’s Deepest Fears: Maximoff Took Control Of Each Of The Avengers’ Minds, One By One, Showing All Of Them Their Greatest Fears:


Working for Hydra, Wanda was first seen as a rival to the Avengers during their campaign to South Africa in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.
It was here where the audience first got a brief look at her forces.
After finding the Avengers, Maximoff assumed responsibility for every one of the Justice fighters’ psyches, individually, showing every one of them their most enormous feelings of dread.
Tony saw the team dead at his feet. Black Widow was reminded of her torturous past. Thor saw all of Asgard in ruins, and Captain America was taunted by a vision of his true love, Peggy Carter.
It was a significant introduction and unquestionably left fans frantic for more.



2. Controlling The Hulk: Her Mind Control Sparks Banner’s Transformation Into The Hulk:

While controlling the minds of Tony stark and others., the characters were shown their haziest apprehensions.
Yet, when she did likewise to Bruce Banner, something wild occurred.
Taking advantage of the green monster’s psyche constantly will undoubtedly be risky.
Yet, nobody might have anticipated the harm it caused.
The psyche control starts his change into The Hulk, who gives up a path of obliteration as he went crazy across the city.
Thankfully Stark had his Hulkbuster suit nearby and had the option to stop the furious hero.


3. The Death Of Pietro: She Summoned All Her Pain Into An Enormous Amount Of Energy & Destroyed Most Of Ultron’s Army:

Wanda showed us how she can take advantage of individuals’ psyches and, in the end, drawing out the most exceedingly awful in individuals with these recollections.
One second that certainly drawn out the most exceedingly awful in Wanda was her sibling Pietro’s passing.
The twins experienced much together and were close from their parent’s demises in Sokovia to their mutant experiments.
After helping the Avengers defeat Ultron and his robots’ army, Pietro ventured up in an apparent heroic fashion and saved Hawkeye.
Accordingly, be that as it may, Wanda really failed to keep a grip on her forces and brought all her agony into a gigantic measure of energy and obliterated the vast majority of Ultron’s military.



4. Ripping Ultron’s Heart Out: It Was The Kind Of Revenge Wanda Definitely Deserved After Everything That Had Happened:


After Pietro’s demise, Wanda’s agony and hopelessness were lamentable to watch (who can recollect that silent scream?).
Fans could see the anger developing. Fortunately, Wanda had the option to release Ultron in the last couple of seconds of the film.
In the wake of discovering him harmed in a train, Wanda gave him the last kick.
Tearing his bionic heart out and smashing it tends to be very fulfilling to watch and was the sort of vengeance Wanda unquestionably merited after all that had happened to her over those two and a piece hours.

5. The Lagos Incident: It Goes To Show Fans That Wanda Doesn’t Even Fully Understand How Powerful She Really Is:


When fans met Wanda again after the second Avengers movie, she was working with Black Widow, Captain America, and Falcon to accomplish some covert work.
The triplet, alongside Wanda, is finding Crossbones as he endeavors to take a biological weapon.
After some magnificent action scenes, Captain America encounters the foe and trying to save him and every other person around them.
Wanda unintentionally causes a blast into a Lagos building, murdering numerous civilians.
The scene kicks off the entire plot of Captain America’s: Civil War and the Sokovia Accords.
It merely demonstrates that Wanda doesn’t even completely see how ground-breaking she truly is.

6. Protecting Hawkeye: To Defeat The Incredibly Powerful Vision With Such Ease Was Definitely A Show Of Great Strength:


So when the Sokovia Accords burst into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers got split up. Wanda was grounded at the Avengers facility by a somewhat paranoid Tony Stark.
At that point, trying to save her from the base, Hawkeye went up close and personal with Vision, and obviously, ended up powerfully overwhelmed.
Hawkeye had become a critical dad figure to Wanda, so there was nothing unexpected when Wanda came to make all the difference.
Be that as it may, what was unique, in any case, was how effectively she assumed responsibility for the mind stone, and consequently Vision, and squashed him into the ground.
To conquer the unbelievably incredible Vision without hardly lifting a finger was unquestionably a demonstration of extraordinary strength.

7. The Airport Scene: Fans Saw Her Unique Way Of Fighting Opponents:


In one of Marvel Phase 3’s most prominent activity successions, Team Tony went head to head against Team Cap in a remarkable Germany confrontation. Fans saw Black Panther and the Winter Soldier go hand to hand.
Captain America and Tony went at it, and viewers were even acquainted with the MCU’s own special Spider-Man.
With every one of these Avengers, it is challenging to stick out.
Yet, Wanda by and showed her enormous capacities on numerous events.
When she cut down many vehicles battering Tony Stark, fans saw her unique battling adversaries and how her magical forces could vanquish nearly anyone.

8. Destroying An Infinity Stone: Heartbreakingly, Wanda Killed Vision In The Process:


Infinity War was a deplorable film for the entirety of the characters fans had developed to cherish; however, it was especially difficult for Wanda.
She had just lost her sibling a couple of years prior, and the prospect of Thanos murdering the man she cherished would have been intolerable.
To make it much more tragic, Paul Bettany’s character asked her to execute him and annihilate the brain stone to stop the Mad Titan since she was the simply one ground-breaking enough to do as such.
Grievously, Wanda obliterates the stone, killing Vision simultaneously.
Just minutes after the fact, Thanos utilizes the time stone to bring him back, take the stone, and kill Vision indeed.

9. Revenge On The Mad Titan: The Only Thing Stopping Her From Pulling The Final Trigger Was Thanos Launching Missiles On The Entire Base:


After the Avengers’ Time Heist and reverse Snap, Wanda winds up back on the war zone, going head to head against the one who just killed her genuine affection.
When she spots Thanos, nothing was halting her.
Loaded up with retribution, Wanda goes head to head with the Mad Titan and effectively overwhelms him.
She breaks Thanos’ sword and almost murders him utilizing her sorcery.
The only thing preventing her from pulling the last trigger was Thanos dispatching rockets on the whole base, executing his own military simultaneously.
If she could verge on murdering the Mad Titan, it’s difficult to envision anybody halting her later on.

10. Creating Her Own Reality: She Must Be The Most Powerful Hero In The Universe:


After Avengers: Endgame, Marvel commenced the new MCU adventure with Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2019, and now in 2021, WandaVision turned into the MCU’s first live-action television show.
Up until now, the show has prompted far a more significant number of inquiries than answers, and individuals don’t actually comprehend what is happening.
However, whatever Wanda is doing, regardless of whether that is making her new reality, controlling others’ psyches, or more regrettable, she should be the most remarkable saint known to man.
The truth will surface the thing eventually is genuinely going on.
However, any reasonable person would agree that fans can hardly wait to see Wanda in real life once more.

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