10 Toughest Doctor Strange Spells That Would Make Even Harry Potter Sweat

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Everybody thinks Harry Potter when they hear magic. But we are here to say that there is another contender far more suitable to be synonymous with that word. Doctor Strange to the rescue!!!


Elemental Energy

Doctor Strange might give even Storm of the X-Men competition on this one. Doctor Strange is adept at controlling the forces of nature. Fire, water, earth, air, lightning, and even flora and fauna are slaves to his magic. On numerous occasions, he has shown himself to be a cryo-mancer as well as a pyro-mancer. Elemental Magic is one of the most basic steps of earth based Eldritch Magic but Doctor Strange takes it up to an entirely new level. That is because when Doctor Strange casts an elemental magic, he is not controlling nature but rewriting the very code of nature itself.



From controlling the forces of nature to travelling to other dimensions (more on that in a bit), Doctor Strange has come a long way. He also boasts of the power of intangibility – the power to phase through solid objects. And the best part is – he can do it in a variety of ways. He could will himself out of the visual plane of existence. He could move into the mirror dimension. If the situation demands, he can even move into multiple planes of existence, existing in each reality at the same time. This ability makes Doctor Strange almost omnipotent. That is a scary power.

Object Summoning


It is one of the most overlooked abilities of Doctor Strange. Whether it be conjuring a relic or a magical mug of never-ending ale, Doctor Strange has it all covered. If he wants, he can summon literally anything out of a portal. This is where Doctor Strange dwells into OP territory. His enemies are thankful that he uses this ability very sparingly. If he started using it more, then there would be no stopping the Sorcerer Supreme.

Astral Projection

To achieve the ability of astral projection requires more than just sheer magic. The user must have clarity of thought and peace of mind. Only then can you surgically separate your spiritual self from your physical self. People who are not familiar with the art of mysticism find it extremely difficult to hone and master. Doctor Strange learnt it when he was just a mere rookie in magic. People who are very proficient in this skill can use it to spy on others and even cause death by harming the enemies’ spiritual self.


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Unlimited Energy

It’s not just objects that answer his beck and call. Doctor Strange has access to an unlimited amount of energy. He can tap into the magical energy reserves from other dimensions. He has access to elemental energy as well. Ambient cosmic energy is also another form of energy Doctor Strange can harness to fight his foes. But the Sorcerer supreme knows his body is still human. It cannot handle such an insurmountable quantity of energy so uses this ability judiciously. He uses this ability as a last resort. If all else fails, Strange can channel the energy and leave the door unlocked, turning himself into a human bomb.


Dimensional Travel

This is one of the toughest spells to master. One mistake and you end up in an alternate dimension forever or worse. Dimensional travel is reserved for the most proficient of mages. Doctor Strange had to jump through a lot of hoops to earn it. The mirror dimension is merely one of several planes of existence. There’s the dark Dimension and the alternate universes. Using his magic, Doctor Strange can travel to faraway worlds scattered all across the multiverse.

Psychic Powers


Psychic powers are something people are born with or develop over time in Marvel Comics. It generally requires incredible amount of focus and concentration to become an adept psychic. Doctor Strange has tapped into magic to achieve the same. He can not only look into the future but also step into other people’s dreams and nightmares. He can manipulate people’s memories and has made himself resistant to all forms of psychic attacks. He is yet to fully master this ability.


Banishment is a tricky spell. Several criteria have to be met first. The one being banished should be of a smaller power level than Doctor Strange. The place and kind of banishment must also be checked out in advance. The terms of banishment must also be made clear. Doctor Strange rarely uses it in battle because it can very easily backfire. He did use the magical spell against Dormammu in the comics numerous times. So we know he can do it if he wanted to.


Controlling Dark Divine Entities

Doctor Strange has a very unique magical signature. His body can be used like a conductor for magical forces. Push comes to shove, Strange can open up his body to be possessed by dark supernatural beings. On a few instances, Dormammu and even Zom have possessed doctor Strange, giving him a macabre boost to his already incredible magical abilities. But the catch is that Strange is no longer in the control of his body when it happens. If the dark entity wanted to, it could stay inside him forever. When Zom possessed him, it took a reckoning from the Living Tribunal to destroy the Earth to make him back off.

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Conjuring The Power Of Gods

On numerous occasions, Doctor Strange has gone up against enemies that are literally out of this world. These entities are born of magic. No human mage, not even the great Sorcerer Supreme, will have the magical reservoirs to fight such an entity. In these truly exceptional cases, Doctor Strange calls upon a few allies. These allies are magical entities and cosmic gods that have formed a pact with Doctor Strange. They will aid him in battle and give him their energies if need be. One such entity is Vishanti, who has formed a very good working relationship with Strange and regularly comes up to help him when summoned.


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