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TV Shows: 10 Times The Hero Fell In Love With The Villain

It is evident that the hero falls in love with the heroine, and there must be a face-off between the hero and the villain. But that’s not the case with every movie or show. There are some instances where the hero gets attracted to the villain. Sounds strange, right? But, it looks magical when we watch it on-screen. Here are 10 TV shows where the hero falls in love with the villian. 

1. Game of Thrones 

One of the best make-out scene in the series

The unavoidable meet of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen show that their romance will permeate a vibrant relationship.

Regardless of their biological connection, it would be nice to see how the couple would treat Westeros if things weren’t entirely wrong. John becomes an absolute hero and is forced to make great sacrifices.

2. Good Girls

Good Girls Rio and Beth scaled
The sizzling chemistry between Rio and Beth

The exotic chemistry between Beth and Rio is painfully evident to most people who see the interaction, such as tapping eyelashes, hurting smiles, etc.

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Aside from the ethics of such a relationship, it seems impossible to stop them anyway. Unfortunately, Beth continues to marry Dean. At the same time, she has a controversial curiosity about Rio, which shows that none of them know how to create significant trust in any relationship.

3. The Witcher

witcher 2 Geralt Yennefer
A still from The Witcher

Yennefer isn’t a villain. He’s regarded as an anti-hero, but the way he behaves underlines his lack of general empathy for others. But before judging her, you need to take into account her painful childhood.

Geralt has to take strict steps to ensure her well-being because of her love for Yennefer, but the situation with the genius puts a deep wedge between them.


4. Daybreak

You don’t know enough about me to know if you love me

Josh Wheeler’s self-proclaimed role in the post-apocalyptic world is to save his beloved Samaira Dean from the horrors of adult zombies that fill the streets. He pretends to have some emotional pain, but he clearly shows signs of anxiety and surprisingly low self-esteem because of the overall playfulness.

Sam is very different from Josh, and their relationship is filled with moments of genuine affection at first, but her final decision to sit on the “throne” makes her goals even more evident.

5. Westworld

30westworld dolores superJumbo v3
And it’s telling me I need you

It is important to remember that the sweet and sweet William is not the evil monster he will be later on and that Dolores loves him, not black.

However, if the algorithmic scripts that dominate Westworld hadn’t hindered his new romance, Williams’ intrinsic tendencies may have inevitably emerged. Ironically, Dolores later turns himself into a villain, doing much more harm than a black man.

6. Sherlock

Sherlock on BBC One image sherlock on bbc one 36482585 1280 720
But this. this is far more intimate than your heart

Sherlock’s appeal to Irene Adler goes beyond understanding. What he cannot understand is that his incompetence is a symptom of his emotional state. He almost always controlled the situation, so her presence is the reason he so easily destroys the unopened facades that cover his mind.

John Watson and Mycroft Holmes erroneously speculate that Sherlock’s feelings for Irene are closer to respect than passion, but Eurus conveys this with a few notes for the violin.

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

doug and jake back to back brooklyn nine nine s7e8
Their relation sums it up in one line ‘You’re scrappy but lovable’

There are no other words to describe Jake’s passion and love with his enemy, Doug Judy. It’s also true that they are close friends.

The fact that Pontiac Bandit leads the police in a long and difficult raid is no different from the fact that he led it for no reason. You can effectively argue that Jake’s affection for Judy increases with each meeting.

8. Frasier

A still from Frasier

Niles and Maris were married years before the show started, but his disagreement and wandering gaze together weren’t good for the future. Both made severe mistakes in the evaluation, but she desperately avenges Niles when he wants to divorce her.


Maris is a classic villain who is cold and selfish. Frasier claims that she is “like the sun without heat.” Unfortunately, she is not the last adversary he met.

9. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy and spike out of my mind still
This pair is more smokey than Buffy and Angel

Buffy’s first love Angel is hundreds of years older than her, but this probably led her in the series.

Anyway, the first real romance between Buffy and the villain takes place with Spike. Nothing is a desperate attempt to get his attention for a long time. They bond in the middle of the alternative before starting a bizarre relationship that hurts both.

10. Killing Eve

A great portrayal of a lesbian relationship

Eva’s pathological admiration for Villanella’s whimsy turns into a mixture that can only be explained by the real fire of pure love and pure hatred.

The villains are a bit annoyed by her way of expressing themselves but return some of these feelings. The current status of Eve and Villanelle’s “Romance” is more ambiguous than ever, but both characters are likely to develop further in the next season. 

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