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10 Upcoming Games of 2022

10 Upcoming Games of 2022

As this is being written on New Year’s Eve, it’s important to wish each other well and look forward to better things. We’re all glad 2021 is over. If you’re excited about 2022, here are 10 of the most promising games for the upcoming year. 


Rainbow Six Extraction

This tactical shooter franchise will be coming back in 2022 with Rainbow Six Extraction. Expect 18 operators, 12 custom designed maps, and 10+ alien archetypes to battle. This exciting game is all about teamwork, so you can expect to be having fun with your friends this year. 

Tom Clancy’s new release looks promising.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The 18th generation of Pokémon returns with a brand new game. It is set in the same region as Diamond and Pearl, where you’ll be able to study, capture, and train your Pokémon to battle the Alphas.

pokemon legends arceus capa
Many updates are to be expected.


This action-adventure game has gotten a lot of hype in the past few months and many are waiting on its release. You’ll be armed in the third person with a Kung-Fu student, who you must lead through intense hand-to-hand combat, until you are able to get revenge. 

egs sifustandardedition sloclap g1c 00 1920x1080 03d1e653ea90
This adrenaline-filled combat game will get your heart pumping.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Join the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon this coming year. Battle machines, come across tribes, and explore an expansive and beautifully built natural terrain. This game has promising graphics, and a great tale of world-saving heroes. 

Horizon Forbidden West c
Massive monsters reside in this tropical land.

Hogwarts Legacy

This is a long awaited open-world game set in the Hogwarts universe. Become a student, master skills, encounter creatures, and do your absolute best on spells to become the wizard you’ve always wanted to be. This game has many Harry Potter fans waiting restlessly for its release, and you’re sure to enjoy it even if you’ve never been too involved in the books or series. 

hogwarts legacy

STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl 

An exciting FPS comes forth for 2022, featuring an immersive, one-of-a-kind game filled with mutants and anomalies. Travel through your mission, shoot down as many aliens as you can, and try to keep up with the fast pace. 

Mutants are sure to get you excited.


If you’ve ever wanted to play as a cat in a futuristic cyberpunk universe, now you can. Sneak around stealthily through an awe-inspiring city of bright lights. Rub against some robot friends to make them happy, and find a way out of your cat-like entanglements. Good graphics and a bright world are all expected in this new, unique game. 

Becoming a cat has never been this easy.

Saints Row

Explore a vibrant city set in the American West. Go through tons of adventures in an open-sandbox world, take missions, and shoot your way to high rankings. You won’t be disappointed with this amazing criminal adventure. 

EGS SaintsRow DeepSilverVolition S1 2560x1440 1ba560d3f228fe5c7341777a6ac9abb7
Modern tales of the old west.


Begin a journey in a wonderful place among the stars. Travel to humanity’s deepest secrets, and explore as much as you’d like to forge your own story. The beauty of this game is in its main purpose: to spark hope. 

Make your own story in the expansive galaxy this game has to offer.

Gran Turismo 7

Great graphics and astonishing natural maps have been promised in Gran Turismo 7. Expect the same high speed action, brand new cars, possible updates, and a ton more to fill your racing needs for the upcoming season. Happy New Year!

gran turismo 7 screenshot
Although the released was delayed, we still look forward to it in 2022.


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Written by Emily Shadel