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10 Wild Marvel Movie Fan Theories

What are movies and shows without fan theories? Imagine if we never got to read any of the fan theories; the movie Marvel universe would have been bland. If it weren’t for these theories, we could’ve never explored the unexplored. The Marvel movie universe, in particular, floods with fan theories, and some are so wild that they absolutely blow your mind. We came across such wild Marvel movie fan theories and decided to make a compilation. Check it out:

1. Agent Sharon Carter is actually working for S.H.I.E.L.D

Agent Sharon Carter Wild Marvel movie fan theories
Sharon Carter a S.H.I.E.L.D agent?

This one theory makes a lot of sense and could possibly be true. I know it isn’t a “movie” fan theory, but we all know it connects with the movies later, so… The last episode’s last scene made the fan formulate this one. We saw Sharon talking to Nick Fury, which might mean that she’s not really the villain everyone thinks she is and is probably an agent of the new S.H.I.E.LD. Obviously, after the Blip and the Sokovia Accords, all rights are now with the government, so Nick Fury has started this secret new organization and has Sharon on board. So they are keeping a close check on agents in and out of the government.

2. Daily Bugle in Iron Man 3

Daily Bugle in Iron Man 3
The news channel seems to be on the wrong side

In a scene in Iron Man 3he is surrounded by at least a dozen reporters wanting to ask him questions, and he gives his address to one of them. He then smashes his phone. So the theory from one of the fans is that after the video went viral, the reporter was probably contacted by some news agency which later became the Daily Bugle. It is the same news channel in Spider-Man: Far From Home that glorifies Mysterio. 

3. Thanos corrupted Loki in The Avengers

Loki in The Avengers Wild Marvel movie fan theories
Loki in The Avengers

This is one of the most wild Marvel movie fan theories. It only adds up. So it says that Thanos purposely corrupted Loki by giving him the scepter. He knows about Loki’s thoughts about Asgard and his brother. He uses that and tempts him with a war against the two. Thanos knows that he will most likely lose the Space and Mind stone, yet he sends him to create a rift in their family so that the strong Asgardian army that protects Nidavellir will be off protecting their own kingdom. He knows that the infinity stones won’t be of any use to him unless he has the weapon to wield their power. Remember how Eitri says to Thor in Avengers: Infinity War that Asgard was supposed to protect us?

4. Matilda is Xavier and Moira’s daughter

Matilda Wild Marvel movie fan theories
Is Matilda Xavier’s daughter?

This one, too, is a wild Marvel movie fan theory but quite interesting, though. It suggests that maybe Matilda is Charles Xavier and Moira’s daughter. If we see the chronological order of these events, Matilda takes place in the late 70s or early 80s, and Xavier and Moira meet in the 60s and 70s. Plus, she has the same hair as Moira and has telekinetic abilities from Xavier. The theory also says that Moira gave her up for adoption and also causes changes during the time travel in X-Men: Days of The Future Past.

5. Adam Warlock and Infinity Stones

Adam Warlock and Infinity Stones
He might recreate the Infinity Stones again

He is probably going to enter the MCU anytime now, thanks to Guardians of The Galaxy 2. Adam Warlock and Infinity Stones have interconnected stories in the comics. The theory is that when he comes to know that the Infinity Stones were destroyed, he starts to create new infinity stones and becomes the reason for bringing back Vision.

6. Natasha might still be alive

Natasha could be alive
This gives us hope

How delightful does this sound to you? Even though it is just a wild Marvel movie fan theory, it is pretty believable. I would say, good job on the speculation. Now, after Tony Stark’s snap destroyed Thanos, they had a deal of returning those stones right from where they were picked, not to break the reality. While doing that, Steve never returned the Soul stone. Well, how could he? If he were to replace the stone, Thanos would easily find the stone in an alternate timeline, and the destruction would have been inevitable. So the theory is that he would instead stop Natasha and Clint from getting the Soul stone in the first place. If the theory is true, then it would mean that she’s still alive.

7. Now that we found a theory that says Natasha is alive, why leave out Tony Stark?

Wild Marvel movie fan theories
He could be present as an AI

The theory indicates that Iron Man could be alive. Okay, wait. Not his physical form, of course, but his consciousness is. In the comic universe, after Iron Man snaps and dies of the gamma radiation, he uploaded his consciousness before that and remains alive as an AI. So his hologram we saw at the end of Avengers: Endgame wasn’t just a hologram but maybe an AI. 

8. New Mutants post-Blip?

New Mutants post-Blip?
The second snap

A theory says that the snap using all the infinity stones creates tremendous energies. It is a pretty wild Marvel movie fan theory but also makes sense. Wanda tells everyone in Avengers: Age of Ultron that they were created due to experimentations with the mind stone. So fans believe that the stones awaken the dormant mutant genes already present in humans. Hence the snap possibly made those energies (twice), which might have given rise to more mutants.

9. Thanos found his love interest

Thanos and Lady Death
Lady Death and Thanos

Much like in the cinematic universe, Thanos has the same intentions in the comic universe too. But there comes a time when he goes too far with his intentions, Deadpool confronts him, and their conversation is overheard by Lady Death. When Tony snapped, he was sent to a different universe, to Lady Death. Hopefully, he learns his lessons there.

10. Thanos adopts Gamora only to have someone to sacrifice

Nebula and Gamora
Gamora was Thanos’s arrangement for Soul stone

There’s a fan theory that pictures Thanos as an even darker soul. It says that he never really adopted Gamora because he really wanted to, but instead, he knew that to get the soul stone, he will need someone to sacrifice. But after adopting her, he becomes too attached to her and adopts Nebula. According to the theory, his next plan was to send Nebula and Gamora to get the Soul stone where Gamora would sacrifice Nebula. 

These were some wild Marvel movie fan theories. What did you think of these? Know any more? Let us know!