11 Amazing Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Cosplays

Relationships in the comics can really be a complex thing, especially if it involves the criminals. Harley Quinn also known as Dr Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist who was sent to Arkham Asylum to treat Joker, but she fell in love involving herself to become Harley Quinn. While on the other hand Poison Ivy aka Dr Pamela Lillian who was a botanist. And an experiment changed her to possess an unhealthy relationship with plants. In spite of these two being a maniac and dangerous enemies to Batman, they somehow fell in love with each other. And this led them to be two of the most interesting villains in the entire DC Universe, leading many cosplayer fans to find inspiration in their looks. So we at FandomWire will take a look at 11 amazing Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy cosplay. 

1 Cosplay By Ryoko Demon And Rei-Doll:

2 Gender-Bent Cospaly By ShiroiOji And Matthew:

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3 Cosplay By Amanda And Caitlin:

4 Cosplay By Hazel And Harlequin:

5 Cosplay By Caitlin Chrisscreama:

6 Cosplay By MicroKitty And Ryuu Lavitz:

7 Cosplay By Erica And Maze:

8 Cosplay By Eve Elle And The Princessbee:

9 Cosplay By Atlas Northern Belle Rogue And Makenzie Smith:

10 Cosplay By Amber And Dani:

11 Cosplay By Christina Fink And MilliganVick:


Written by FandomWire Staff

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