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11 Hated TV Characters That Were Actually Supposed To Be Likable

Some characters capture our hearts right away, and some, even though they are meant to be good and have no arc intended otherwise, we end up disliking them. The creators probably thought to make them relatable or to make us sympathize with them, but that doesn’t always happen. Instead of being the “poor guy,” they end up being the bad guys. Take a look at such hated characters that were supposed to be likable.

1. Ross Geller from FRIENDS- There are many who love the character but disliking him is a popular opinion too. Some find him to be controlling and way too possessive.

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Ross Geller

2. Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother– The audience thinks of him as a bad friend and a brat.

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Ted Mosby

3. Daenerys Targaryen from Game Of Thrones- She was supposed to the “breaker of chains” and end slavery and injustice. But she grew to be too ambitious, and people soon started disliking her.

Daenerys Targaryen (@Daenerys) | Twitter
Daenerys Targaryen

4. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City– She was a self-centered, lousy, and selfish person. Nothing about her was likable, and it always felt like everything was about her.

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Carrie Bradshow

5. Gina Linetti from Brooklyn nine-nine– The character was intended to bring some crazy comedy to the show. But many people have the opinion of her being extremely self-centered, narcissistic, and a bully. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gina
Gina Linetti

6. Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek- The character got a lot of good things she didn’t deserve. The audience was supposed to sympathize with her because of her dead mother. But she was selfish and a horrible friend.

Characters That Were Actually Supposed To Be Likable
Joey Potter

7. Rachel Berry from Glee- She was meant to be good, but her character grew to become more and more annoying as the story progressed. She was too competitive and was absolutely unlikeable.

Rachel Berry Characters That Were Actually Supposed To Be Likable
Rachel Berry

8. Walter White from Breaking Bad- We were supposed to feel sorry for him since he was dying and was desperate, and he was doing everything for his family. But he grew to be greedy and weird.

Bryan Cranston AKA Walter White Characters That Were Actually Supposed To Be Likable
Walter White

9. Skyler White from Breaking Bad- She was a good friend, wife, and mother only until she became unlikeable. The audience thought that she stood in the way of Walter becoming the hero of the story. Although, it was fair for such a character to have an arc like that.

Skyler white breaking bad Characters That Were Actually Supposed To Be Likable
Skyler White

10. Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls- She was likable for the first few seasons, but she later became a dreadful person and never learned from her mistakes. 

Rory Gilmore Characters That Were Actually Supposed To Be Likable
Rory Gilmore

11. Daniel LaRusso from Cobra Kai- The character was mean and very annoying. He was so stubborn that he didn’t realize that Johnny was doing something good.

Cobra Kai Daniel Characters That Were Actually Supposed To Be Likable
Daniel LaRusso

Some of these characters that were supposed to be likable and some were supposed to be but never were. Do you know any more? Tell us in the comments.

Written by FandomWire Staff