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11 Incredible Facts About Famous Supervillain Actors

11 Incredible Facts About Famous Supervillain Actors

We always look up to heroes and have a feeling of awe while watching them. We are so amazed by their heroism that we seldom take notice of the villains. But have you ever wondered that the actors playing supervillain characters must be putting in more effort to be the bad guy than the heroes do? Well, that’s what we are here for. Take a look at these 11 incredible facts about famous supervillain actors.

1. Danny DeVito is not even a tiny bit like the characters he has played on screen. While he and his then-wife were playing the roles of Matilda’s weird parents in Matilda, the 8-year-old actor was going through a tough time. So the couple used to take her out and invite her over to help her cope with her mother’s sickness.

Danny DeVito 11 Incredible Facts About Famous Supervillain Actors
Danny DeVito as Penguin

2. We have seen Liam Neeson play some incredible roles. But before he played the villain’s role in Batman Begins, he was a school teacher. And one time, when a student pulled a knife on him, he responded with a punch. That led to him losing his job.

Liam Neeson 11 Incredible Facts About Famous Supervillain Actors
Liam Neeson as Ra’s al Ghul

3. Sir Ian McKellen had been open about his experience playing Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogy. It was very stressful for him, and this one time on set when all he had was 13 photographs of dwarves to shoot along with, he felt most stressed and cried out of frustration.

Ian McKellen 11 Incredible Facts About Famous Supervillain Actors
Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf

4. Two-Face, played by Aaron Eckhart in Batman Begins, had a special coin. The coin became a prized possession among the movie props. A few years later, when he met Johnny Depp on a set he said that he bought the coin from Warner Bros. for his daughter. She loved the character so much that he got her the coin.

Aaron Eckhart 11 Incredible Facts About Famous Supervillain Actors
Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face

5. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is so many fans’ favorite villains. He absolutely nailed the character. However, he first wanted to play Thor’s character. So, despite putting a lot of effort into his physical appearance, he was cast as Loki. Thank god!

Tom Hiddleston 11 Incredible Facts About Famous Supervillain Actors
Tom Hiddleston’s audition for Thor

6. It isn’t easy to separate Joker from Heath Ledger and vice-versa. He really gave the character his all and what we saw on screen was magnificent. That’s also the result of him preparing for the role so well. He maintained a diary and wrote it the way Joker would.

The Dark Knight star Heath Ledger 11 Incredible Facts About Famous Supervillain Actors
Heath Ledger as Joker

7. Another one of the supervillain actors on our list is Joaquin Phoenix, another guy who nailed Joker. The actor leads a mysterious life and had an unusual upbringing. His family was part of a cult group, Children of God, which had a lot of issues.

How Joaquin Phoenix Lost 52 Pounds (and His Mind) for “Joker”
Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

8. Cate Blanchett, who played Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, is an Academy Award winner. She won it for Best Supporting Actress for playing the role of Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator. 

Chris Hemsworth Says Cate Blanchett Almost Convinced Him Hela Was Right in Thor: Ragnarok
Cate Blanchett as Hela

9. Hugo Weaving played many villainous characters, like Red Skull in Captain America: First Avenger or V in V for Vendetta. However, one of the many characters he played was very significant- Megatron in Transformers series. Fans really loved it, but he didn’t really care about that role then. 

Hugo Weaving explains why he didn't play Red Skull in Avengers sequels | Entertainment News,The Indian Express
Hugo Weaving as Red Skull

10. While Josh Brolin was a successful actor, i.e., in his ‘20s, he had decided to retire. But once he started getting good roles, he took it up again. 

10YearChallenge: Thanos actor Josh Brolin posts hilarious photo | NewsBytes
Josh Brolin as Thanos

11. Tom Hardy, who portrays one of our favorite anti-heroes, Venom, has played many roles giving exceptional performances. But in his mid-20s, if he had not decided to turn his life around, we would have seen a different Tom Hardy today. His crack cocaine and alcohol addiction had gotten “out of control,” and he admitted himself into a rehab center.

Venom': Tom Hardy Cites 'Woody Allen's Neurosis' as An Inspiration | IndieWire
Tom Hardy as Venom

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