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11 Of The Most Badass Toy Lines Of The ’80s

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An item that is designed for young children to play with is known as a Toy. Playing with these toys can be an enjoyable means of training adolescent children for life in society.
A toy can be made of several materials such as wood, clay, and paper. Among them, plastic is the prime source of making several toys since the Bronze era.
Whereas if we talk about superheroes, they are characters that possess abilities beyond ordinary people. They use their superpowers to protect the world from evil, making it a better place.
Superheroes have been on the face of Earth for a very long time. Yes, we are just not talking only about Batman or Iron Man but also some of the most astounding superheroes of all time. Especially if we talk about the ’80s. As there was no better decade for theses marvelous superhero toys than the 80’s period. Sounds interesting… Let’s go right into it as we at FandomWire have compiled a list of 11 of the most badass toy lines of the ’80s.

1. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe:


2. Thunder-Cats:


3. Super Powers Collection:


4. The Real Ghostbusters:


5. Marvel Secret Wars:


6. Star Wars:


7. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero:


8. The Dino-Riders:


9. M.A.S.K.


10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:


11. Transformers:



Source: Brian Galindo

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