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11 Strongest Families In Marvel Comics, Ranked

Marvel comics has a lot of superheroes. And many of them are connected by the bond of blood. Here are a few of Marvel Comics’ families worth mentioning.


The Osborns

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The Green Goblin is almost always seen as Spider-Man‘s greatest adversary. Many would consider his power lies in the Goblin Formula running in his veins. But the true power of Norman Osborn is in his family history. Apart from the massive family fortune at the Osbrons’ disposal, the Osborn off-springs are powerful as well. When the Green Goblin died, Norman passed on the Goblin Formula to his son Harry. Harry would then almost marry Menace but then settle for the heiress to the powerful Allan Chemicals and give birth to two children – Gabriel and Normie. Both the children are born with Goblin personas and powers.

The Braddocks

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The Braddocks are rich as well as powerful. they are granted a massive inheritance that is almost never-ending. They have also the blessing of the X-Gene on their family line. The most well known member of their family is Elizabeth Braddock aka Psylocke of the X-Men. She is a mutant with incredible telepathic and psionic powers. Her brother Jamie Braddock is also a mutant with the ability to reshape reality. Brian Braddock is Captain Britain, Otherworld Champion of Merlyn and his nation’s greatest and most powerful superhero.

The Howletts

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The Howletts are very few in numbers. But they are extremely deadly warriors with powerful healing factors and retractable claws. Wolverine is obviously the first one that comes to mind. He has three ‘children’ – Daken, Jimmy Hudson, and of course X-23 aka Laura Kinney. Laura once rescued a clone of hers named Gabby, adding a fifth member to the group. While wolverine hasn’t always been around to guide them, all of them have inherited his signature bloodlust and fighting styles.


The Darkholme Clan

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The Darkholme Clan are the progeny of Mutant anti-hero Mystique. Mystique herself has the power to shape-shift into people and sometimes even parts of her body into objects. Her long-time partner Irene Adler aka destiny has the ability to predict the future. Mystique’s son is Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner. He too possesses her blue skin and her anatomy. Nightcrawler’s ability is teleportation. His father is Azazel, a powerful demon hailing from another dimension. mystique has also adopted Rogue into the Darkholme fold, who is considered one of the most powerful mutants to ever exist.

The Frosts

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At first glance, the Frosts seem like just another bunch of billion dollar kids. But subsequent issues have explored their family history. Emma Frost is a billionaire who is not only blessed with immense beauty but also powerful mutant abilities of telepathy. Her children, the Stepford cuckoos, are five women who can psychically join to create an Omega level hive mind. Emma Frost’s sister is named Adriene. She has the power to psychometry – the ability to realize an object’s entire history via touch.

The Banners

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Bruce Banner was the first of his line. But he was certainly not the only one to be a part of the Hulk family. The Hulk has had many Hulk-like relatives over the years. His wife Betty Ross became the Red She-hulk. His cousin Jennifer Walters is better known as the She-Hulk. Thunderbolt Ross, betty’s father and banner’s father-in-law, became the Red Hulk. Hulk also had a son by the name of Skaar. He is said to have the potential to rival that of the Hulk. Skaar wields an ancient force called the Old Power that helps him tap into the energy of an entire planet.


The Xaviers

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He rarely mentions it but Charles Xavier is blessed with a powerful lineage. His brother Cain Marko is the powerful mystically enhanced super-villain called Juggernaut. his twin sister Cassandra nova is also a telepath on par with Professor X. Professor X’s son David Haller is better known as Legion. His mutant powers allow him to create different personalities that could be bestowed with literally any superpower you could imagine.

The Starks

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The Starks may not have superpowers like the other families on this list. But they played a major role in shaping the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Howard Stark was a visionary that helped the Allies create technology far more advanced than its time. His son tony Stark used his genius to create the legacy of the Iron Man. It was recently revealed that tony Stark is adopted. The biological heir to the Stark fortune is Arno Stark. He was abducted when he was still a human embryo. Aliens performed experiments on him and enhanced his intelligence to super human levels.

The Odin Family

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Odin has sired a lot of children over the years. He is of course hundreds of years old. But we only need to remember three children – Thor, Angela, and Loki. Unlike what the movies showed us, it’s not Hela that is Loki and Thor’s long lost sister. It was Angela, Odin’s daughter who was abducted by an enemy race and kept captive in another dimension. all of Odin’s children have access to Godlike physical attributes and powerful magic. If not for their petty quarrels, we could have put them on a higher spot in this list.


The Grey-Summers

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The Grey-Summers line is full of Omega Level Mutants, making them some of the strongest people in the universe. Jean Grey is host to the Phoenix Force. Cyclops is a world-renowned mutant with amazing skills in tact and strategy. their children Nathan Summers and Rachel Grey are both Omega level mutants. Nathan Summers is better known as Cable. Rachel Grey has even become host to the Phoenix Force, just like her mother.

The Richards

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It’s quite easy to forget that the Fantastic Four are called Marvel’s First Family for a reason. They are not to be taken lightly. Each member of the Fantastic Four is a powerful superhuman in his or her own right. But the real powerhouse of the group is Franklin Richards, the most powerful mutant to ever exist. Franklin was born to Reed and Sue Storm. he has developed the ability to alter reality, exhibit molecular manipulation, and destroy entire universes in a whim. His powers are still under-developed and he is still learning to control them. His sister Valeria Richards has shown a level of intelligence that far surpasses Reed Richards, who is always referred to as the second most intelligent being in the Marvel Comic Book Universe after Hank Pym.

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