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11 Superheroes If They Had Normal Jobs

Sadly, being a superhero comes with no salary and the secret identities behind the masks need employment for themselves to run their houses. So we wondered what odd jobs some of them would take-up if the world becomes a better place and they have no crime to fight.

While almost every superhero story includes what jobs they do when they’re not being superheroes, let us put some imagination into it and enjoy this post.

Jean Grey – A High School Counselor.

Jean Grey, high school counselor. | If Superheroes Had "Real" Jobs

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With mental health becoming a rising issue among teens, who else would be a better counselor than Jean Grey. With her telepathy superpower, Jean would be able to read the hardest of teen minds.

Rorschach – A Babysitter

Rorschach, babysitter. | If Superheroes Had "Real" Jobs

Rorschach might be a bit of a nut, but it’s not like he spends his free time murdering innocents. That inkblot mask he wears will frighten the hearts of men and also warm the hearts of babies.

Batman – Skymall Catalogue inventor

11 Superheroes If They Had Normal Jobs | Superhero, Job, Fictional characters

SkyMall has a captive audience that is bored. It’s composed of travelers, so the catalog is filled with travel and luxury items. And who else would know the two better than the Caped Crusader?

Wonder Woman – CEO of the Girl Scouts of America

11 Superheroes If They Had Normal Jobs | Girl scouts of america, Wonder woman, Superhero

Girl Scouts is an organization that empowers ladies and promotes compassion, courage, confidence, character, and leadership. Sounds just about the right place for Wonder Woman to be?

Catwoman – A Salesperson Tiffany’s

11 Superheroes If They Had Normal Jobs | Superhero, Job, Catwoman

Previously in the comics, Catwoman has robbed Tiffany’s with great ease. Nobody knows the jewels better than Selina Kyle herself. Happy as a pig in poop, or in this case, a cat burglar in, well, a jewelry store.

Thor – A Food Critic

Thor, food critic. | If Superheroes Had "Real" Jobs

Given how fat he grew in the Avengers: Endgame, Thor surely had an undiscovered love for food. It would be his perfect opportunity to work as a food critic when his thunders are calm.

Black Widow – A Real Estate Agent 

Black Widow, hypnotherapist. | If Superheroes Had "Real" Jobs

With a dangerous sort of ease, Black Widow would be talking clients into and out of units all over the world. Her services would be well worth the asking price, and that’s for sure

Wolverine – A Gardener

11 Superheroes If They Had Normal Jobs | Superhero, Job, Wolverine

Forget hedge and pruning shears, with Wolverine in your garden, you can get whatever shape of bushes you want in a matter of seconds.

Spider-Man – A Graffiti Artist

If Superheroes Had "Real" Jobs | Superhero, Graffiti artist, Job

Imagine what the Oscorp buildings would start looking like if your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man gets behind the cans. With great responsibilities, comes great tags

The Thing –  Rabbi

The Thing, rabbi. | If Superheroes Had "Real" Jobs

It is not known to many but Benn Grimm alias The Thing is one of the very few Jewish superheroes.

Superman – A Building Demolisher

11 Superheroes If They Had Normal Jobs | Superhero, Superman, Character

A job which nobody else can take better than him, Clark Kent would be just about perfect for demolishing buildings without any crew needed. You will be saving up on so much money!


Let us know in the comment box below what jobs you would want to see your favorite superhero doing if they sop fighting crime!



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