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11 TV Characters With Character Arcs So Strong They Became Totally Different People

11 TV Characters With Character Arcs So Strong They Became Totally Different People

Some 11 TV characters had a very different start at the show’s beginning, but then they became distinct from who they were.

1. Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries: Caroline’s character growth was so damn good. She went from being an insecure, fake friend to being the best friend one could ever have. Caroline never gave up on her friends and always showed so much love and kindness to everyone. She even became a wonderful mother of two children who weren’t even hers, and indeed she was a friend everyone needs in their life.

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2. Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill: Brooke was an insecure and immature girl who loved partying. But then she became a CEO, a fantastic friend, and a loving mother. She became the person everyone loved and needed in their lives.

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3. Walter White from Breaking Bad: Not every character development needs to be good. Walter was a high school teacher, but he turned into a drug kingpin. But when he finally confronted himself, that was his real growth.

Breaking Bad Walter White

4. April from Parks and Recreation: Her character was so negative, but one good thing about her is that she eventually becomes a better person and a better friend. Though her essential traits were the same, she started new things and let people enter her life for good.

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5. Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries: Bonnie is the true definition of a kind and protective best friend. She has always sacrificed herself for Elena or Jeremy. Bonnie died multiple times to save everyone, literally at the cost of her own life. She’s hands down the most robust character of the show.

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6. Sarah Manning from Orphan Black: Sarah was not the best mom, she relapsed at some points, but by the end of the series, she came out as a great mom, a natural leader, and a wonderful sister to all the other clones.

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7. Loki from Loki: In my opinion, Loki’s character was never interesting until his real-life goals were shown in Loki. The moment that affected most of us was when he said to Sylvie, “I just want you to be okay.”

11 TV Characters

8. Mona from Pretty Little Liars: Mona tortured the Liars for many years; she was a criminal with a mastermind brain. But as time went on, she started taking care of Mike, Hannah, and her Mom. She even felt guilty for her past actions.

11 TV Characters

9. Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones: Next in the list of 11 TV characters who had a significant character development comes to Sansa. First, Sansa was shown as an innocent girl who wanted to marry a prince. But then she became her authentic self by becoming a badass, intelligent queen. She fought for herself, and I personally love her for it.

11 TV Characters

10. Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill: Nathan was so mean and self-centered; he only cared about one thing; basketball. But as they say, a woman can change a man in unimaginable ways. Hayley turned Nathan into a sensitive but strong man. By the end, he became the most loving and sacrificing family man. So now we can like Nathan!!

11 TV Characters

11. Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time: Emma went from being a homeless person to giving hope to everyone. She never believed in fairy tales; she was a fighter and a savior for her son.

11 TV Characters

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