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12 Best Comebacks Ever Made By Loki

12 Best Comebacks Ever Made By Loki 1

MCU is filled with powerful and genius heroes and villains across the galaxy. But the wittiest of all is the God of Mischief, Loki. No matter how dangerous Hela and Thanos were, Loki is by far the best and the most beloved villains of all time. He is probably the first and the only evil character that fans have rooted for. Whether it’s Tom Hiddleston’s charm, his British accent or Loki’s calm, yet savage sarcasm, watching him is always a delight. It’s not every day that you see a villain lightening up the mood with his tricks and shenanigans. He has made countless damages in the past, but all was forgiven for his wit. You just can’t win an argument with Loki across the room. Here’s to the 12 best comebacks ever made by Loki.

Nice Talk

loki and odin

Even the powerful Odin was often left speechless by Loki’s comebacks. During one of his hard attempts to instil modesty in his son, Odin said that they were not Gods because of their mortality. To this, the God of Mischief sarcastically agreed and added how they died after living for 5000 years. That must have burned!

I’ll Wait

im listening loki

We realized that we were in love with this villain when he kept knocking off the heroes with his wit in “Avengers”. Instead of making us angry, Loki lightened the situation with humour. One of his best moments happens to be when Thor was interrupted by Iron Man while trying to give words of wisdom to Loki. He had just said “You listen well, brother” before Iron Man took him away. Loki couldn’t help but mock the situation with his famous line “I’m listening”.

But First, Let’s Talk About You

youre misisng eye loki

During the battle in “Ragnarok”, Thor was trying to reprimand Loki for being late. Just when he said “You’re late”, Loki replied, “you’re missing an eye”. Yes, they were just stating facts.

That’s Invalid

loki avengers kneel

You can’t win in a war of words with this calm yet dangerous entity. When an old man from the public refused to kneel to men like Loki on earth, the latter didn’t lose his temper at all. He laughed unabashedly and said, “There are no men like me”.

I’m Just Being Honest

loki bruce banner

As a horrified Bruce Banner asks Loki “Last time we saw you, you were trying to kill everyone. What are you up to these days?”, he didn’t get the answer he was hoping for. All Loki could do was add fuel to his fear and say, “It varies from moment to moment”.

Now You Know

loki thor hulk

One of the most unforgettable and hilarious moments in the MCU is when an angry Hulk pounded Loki like a ragdoll in “Avengers”. In an instant, Loki descended from God to a “puny god”. However, ironically, it was his godly genes that saved his bones from getting crushed. Years later, Loki found peace when Thor had to taste the same medicine on Saakar. His euphoric cheer was louder than the whole crowd.

The Best Commentator

thor loki space

The siblings had boarded the Harrow spaceship but none of them knew how to fly it. Thor was obviously failing at it but Loki was not helping either. He continued to provide support with his painfully sarcastic commentary on how Thor destroyed the pillars and beheaded their grandfather’s statue.

I Wonder What Captain America Dreams Of

loki captain america

When Thor and Loki were escaping Asgard in “The Dark World”, the latter tried to lighten the intense moment with the best cameo. He transformed Thor into Sif and himself into Captain America. What followed was Loki’s incessant mocking of the Cap.

It Was Fun. Let’s Do It Again

loki thor

Loki is the master of illusions. Before Scarlet Witch, it was Loki who enjoyed fooling his rivals by creating illusions of him. It took Thor a great many millennia to know better than attacking the Loki standing in front of him. During his impatient and impulsive days, the God of Thunder always fell for Loki’s signature trick.

Ouch! That Didn’t Hurt.

jane slap loki

Only someone like Loki can stay relaxed on getting death threats, punches, and slaps. In “Thor: The Dark World” when Jane slapped him for New York, Loki gave the ultimate “she’s cute” expression. It must have taken a lot of power for Jane to slap a god who didn’t feel even 1% pain. Instead of getting offended, Loki said “I like her”. Better luck next time Jane!

Say What?

loki hela

“Avengers” was all about Loki declaring himself a god and making everyone kneel to him. But karma came back to him in “Thor: Ragnarok” when his long lost sister, Hela commanded him to kneel in front of her. But that wasn’t going to work on Loki.

Don’t Need Scepter To Manipulate

loki black widow

Unlike other villains, Loki is dangerous for his piercing words. He can defeat the strongest of his enemies merely with his intellect. Even Black Widow was warned and trained before going near Loki’s prison in “Avengers”. It came in handy given how Loki had nearly broken her down. Imagine the kind of strength Black Widow had to muster to endure his ridiculing of her past.

Written by Ipshita Barua