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12 Famous Marvel Mutants Whose Powers Don’t Work The Way You Thought They Did

12 Famous Marvel Mutants Whose Powers Dont Work The Way You Thought They Did min

With the X-Men about to hit the Marvel cinematic Universe pretty soon, it is time we figure out how the powers of some famous mutants work.

Iceman Stops All Molecular Movement


Classified as an Omega level mutant, Iceman is a master of ice manipulation. His mastery over this element is so strong he could cover the whole planet in ice and snow, bringing about the next ice age if he wanted to. Bobby Drake’s immensely ‘cool’ powers work on the principle of molecular disruption. Iceman freezes things by making the molecules of nearby objects to stop vibrating.

Storm’s Powers Work Even In Outer Space

X Men 10 Times Storm Earned Her Status As An Omega Level Mutant

Storm’s weather manipulation powers have made her another Omega level mutant. But people think her powers are limited to the Earth’s atmosphere. That is not the case. Storm’s powers are derived from her ability to control and manipulate entire ecosystems. This means she could even control the weather in the cold vacuum of space and even other alien planets.

Magneto Controls And Manipulates A Planet’s Magnetic Field

omega level mutant

Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants of Marvel Comics. The master of magnetism was once believed to have his own magnetic field which he uses to control metallic objects. But Magneto’s power is derived from his ability to control a planet’s magnetic field, using it to do his own bidding. He once extended a planet’s magnetic field to control a hunk of metal lightyears away in deep space.

Gambit Shifts Energy In Objects To Different States For An Explosive Effect

gambit rated r

Gambit’s explosion ability seems pretty simple at first. One closer look and you would know how overly complicated it is. Gambit actually turns potential energy into kinetic energy, imbuing the latter into objects. This opens the door for various other abilities. By absorbing enough potential energy off of an object, Gambit can make things implode and disappear. He can also use it to stimulate his healing factor.

Nightcrawler Teleports Via Another Dimension


At first glance, Nightcrawler’s ability seems to be basic teleportation. There is indeed more to it. Every time Kurt Wagner teleports, he is actually transporting himself to another dimension called the Brimstone dimension and back. The brimstone dimension is the lair of Nightcrawler’s demonic father. So he takes a short trip to hell every time he teleports.

Cyclops’ Eyes Don’t Shoot Laser Beams But A Concussive Burst Of Energy

Cyclops curved blasts

Even the movies have gotten his power wrong at times. Cyclops optic blasts are super incredible. But they don’t heat objects or make them explode. Those aren’t laser beams but powerful concussive bursts of energy. It’s like a long range, concrete and metal smashing punch.

Mystique Can Reorganize Her Total Anatomical Structure & Biology At Will

Mystique Anatomy Brain 1

Mystique‘s power is thought to be tied to her ability of cellular manipulation. Her actual shape shifting abilities are because of her ability to re-arrange her anatomy. She can move her internal organs around inside her body. She can even grow extra limbs and even clothes if need be. Fun fact – Mystique never wear clothes. She just morphs her body to look as if she’s clothed. She is actually naked at all times.

Rogue Can Permanently Absorb Other People’s Abilities

rogue vs captain marvel carol danvers

Rogue can steal other people’s ability via touch. But it was thought to be temporary. Later on it was shown that prolonged exposure to Rogue’s abilities can lead to her permanently the other person’s powers. Rogue used it to steal Ms. Marvel’s abilities permanently, turning into a Supergirl like figure in Marvel Comics.

Apocalypse Gets All His Abilities Via His Power Of Molecular Shifting & A Suit Of Armor He Stole From Celestials

Marvel War of Heroes Apocalypse

All of Apocalypse’s abilities hail form his self-molecular rearrangement powers. He can use it to heal from lethal wounds, regrow entire limbs, make himself stronger and sturdier, as well as change it to any other form. He also has a stolen celestial armor suit that makes him as strong as the hulk and projects energy blasts.

Pyro Doesn’t Create Fire. He Only Manipulates Them

5262851 pyro

Contrary to popular belief, Pyro merely manipulates pre-existing flame to form semi-sentient constructs. he cannot create fire on his own.

Forge Can Literally Perceive Mechanical Energy

X Men Forges 5 Best Inventions And 5 That Went Bad

Forge isn’t a genius. He is able to perceive mechanical energy. This allows him to build machines and gadgets intuitively. He is himself unaware how he does it.

Beast Wasn’t Always Blue

557448 photo u38?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

Hank McCoy only had large hands and feet. He was called Beast but he was still more or less human-like. It was only after he drank an experimental serum, Hank underwent a secondary mutation that gave him blue fur.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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