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12 Hidden Details In Tarantino Films You Didn’t Know

Do you think only superhero movies have shared-universes that drop Easter Eggs for one another? Well, it’s time to recall classic Tarantino movies and rethink. Quentin Tarantino is one of the most brilliant gems of Hollywood whose quality of work is simply unmatched. Most of his projects are inspired by historic moments and imbue appealing vintage vibes. Quentin is also the master of violence and blood. He is widely known for unique action pieces that became legends for their sass and style. Even though every cinephile has watched Quentin Tarantino’s movies, only eagle-eyed fans could spot these Easter eggs. Find out the 12 hidden details in Tarantino films you didn’t know.


Who knew that “Django Unchained” was a prequel to “Shaft”?According to Quentin Tarantino, Kerry Washington’s Broomhilda von Shaft is an ancestor of John Shaft. The director started singing the theme song right after sharing this news in an interview. Well, he is the filmmaker and he can include whatever he dreams of in his movies. So, are Broomhilda and Django great grandparents of Shaft?

Vic and Vincent Vega

One of the biggest WTF Easter eggs in Tarantinoverse is the relation between two characters from different movies. Vic from “Reservoir Dogs” was the brother of Vincent Vega from “Pulp Fiction”. Tarantino had envisioned helming a prequel starring the two brothers on the same screen, but the idea was never implemented.


This is about the time when Django met Django in the Django world. Jamie Foxx’ Django was seen explaining to an Italian man how to pronounce Django in “Django Unchained”. The man being schooled was Franco Nero who starred in 1968 “Django”.

Big Kahuna Burger

The Big Kahuna Burger earned a lot of traction after Samuel L. Jackson indulged in it. It turns out that Quentin Tarantino couldn’t give up on these popular Hawaiian burgers. He and Robert Rodriquez included the delicious burgers in many films- Reservoir Dogs, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, From Dusk Till Dawn, Death Proof, and Four Rooms. They became so famous that fans ended up looking for them in real life.

Fruit Brute

Quentin Tarantino has brands for his universe. Just like the Kahuna burger, there is a cereal brand that’s constant in the Tarantino universe. “Fruit Brute” is a popular and the most common fruit-flavoured cereal used by all his fictional characters. It appeared in Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. That’s pretty obvious, considering the Vega brothers.

Five Fingers Of Death

It’s no news that Quentin Tarantino is a huge fan of Chinese action movies and Kung Fu. Most of his violent and gory movies are inspired by these classics. He manifested his enthusiasm for the genre in “Kill Bill” which was full of references and nods to Kung Fu. One of Bride’s killer moves was called Five Point Palm Exploding Heart. This name was borrowed from the 1972 film “Five Fingers of Death”. Additionally, the Vengeance theme in Kill Bill was also played in “Five Fingers of Death” whenever Lo Lieh got into fight mode.

Mr Pink

Steve Buscemi appeared in both “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs”.  But did he play the same person? Since it is believed that Vic and Vincent are brothers, there is no doubt that Mr Pink could have disguised himself as Buddy Holly in “Pulp Fiction”. Many fans state that it was Mr Pink indeed behind those specs.

Red Apple

There is a separate list of brands that exist in Quentin’s universe. We present you Red Apple cigarettes that are popular amongst all characters in his films. You saw Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton promoting the Red Apple as the bounty hunter Jake Cahill in “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood”. These cigarettes have appeared in almost every movie by the director.

Linda Kaye

Actress Linda Kaye has been a disposable victim in Tarantino’s films multiple times. She was the same woman in “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs” who was shot by Marsellus Wallace and whose car was hijacked by Mr Pink, respectively. We feel sorry for her character since she was the same person in the Tarantinoverse.

Bruce Lee

As mentioned before, Quentin is a Chinese action movie fanatic. Most of his inspirations are driven by these movies. “Kill Bill” paid tribute to the great Bruce Lee in many ways. One of the most popular references that didn’t miss fans’ attention is the Bride’s yellow outfit that matched Bruce Lee’s in “Game of Death”. Apart from that, the scene where the Bride is surrounded by her enemies was recreated from “Fists of Fury” where Bruce Lee was also encircled by his foes.

Nick Fury

Tarantinoverse made a cameo in the Marvel Universe with Samuel L. Jackson as the bridge. His character from “Pulp Fiction”, Jules Winnfield, was paid nod in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” on Nick Fury’s fake grave. It was Joe and Anthony Russo’s idea to get  Jackson’s quote “The Path Of The Righteous Man” engraved on Nick Fury’s tombstone.

Mia Wallace

In “Pulp Fiction”, Mia Wallace talks about her show that was pulled back after the pilot. She adds that the show was about five devious secret agents, each specialized in a different kind of lethal combat, wreaks havoc over the world. According to theory, this storyline runs parallel to the plot of “Kill Bill”.

Written by Ipshita Barua