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13 Best Opening Movie Scenes Ever Filmed

Opening scenes of the movie must be executed perfectly because it is the foundation for the rest of the film. If there is a category in the Oscars, I bet these films will definitely win the award. Here are 13 most dope opening movie scenes.

  1. The Lion King – The movie opens up with spectacular visuals and an epic song, ‘Circle of Life’. Not even a single character says anything, but the audience can guess what the movie is all about. No matter how many times we watch this scene, it literally brings tears.

  2. The Dark Knight – No backstory, no explanation, or no prequel. It’s just the Joker standing on the corner of the street. One of the greatest intro scenes ever filmed.

  3. Scream – One of the most haunting and emotional deaths in a slasher. I feel very bad for Casey. The most iconic opening scenes in a horror movie.

  4. La La Land – This is so unreal. I danced in the traffic on the streets of LA. No one joined me. Lol joking. Perfect start for a movie like this. Started the movie with a smile and ended it with tears.

  5. Jaws – The most eye-opening intro scene ever. This scene states that it’s unsafe to swim in the ocean at nightmare and dusk as sharks will be most active at that time.

  6. It Chapter One – The scariest part of the entire movie. It’s the most uneasy experience while watching it for the first time. One of the most spine-chilling opening movie scenes ever made.

  7. The Social Network – One of the most underrated opening scenes ever filmed. Can’t stop praising such brilliant writing that gave insane tempo while watching it for the first time. Honestly, the rest of the movie falls flat compared to how incredible the opening scene is.

  8. Blade – This scene was way ahead of its time. It’s so fucking beautifully shot. I wish this was established into a franchise.


  9. There Will Be Blood – When we watch scenes like these, we feel that dialogues are overrated. This scene is like a deal with the devil.

  10. The Prestige – Nolan never stops to amaze us. Nolan’s brilliance all the way. Certainly, one of the best ways to start a film by questioning the audience.

  11. Drive – The most misinterpreted movie of all time. This scene proves that you don’t need explosions and loud music in order to have an intense action sequence.

  12. Inception – Another masterpiece from Nolan. Can’t believe that this movie was ten years old. The tension and excitement that Nolan created, like ‘What the heck is happening?’ is just incredible. I want to relive the first time watching experience of this scene.

  13. Casino Royale – The most classic opening scene ever shot. This scene is a tight slap on the face for all the critics who said that Craig is unsuitable for James Bond.

Written by Neal Johnson

An avid movie fan and pop culture enthusiast.