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13 Characters Perfectly Written Off TV Shows

13 Characters Perfectly Written Off TV Shows

Characters going away from the plot is either a ‘yay’ moment or an ‘Oh-No!’ moment for the audience. Either way, the exit of characters that have been integral to the plot have to be written off the TV shows perfectly, or else they worsen the plot and the character arc. More often than not, characters aren’t written off so well. So we thought of compiling a list together of characters that were written off perfectly from TV shows.

1. Karen’s exit from The Office was one of the most satisfying and mature endings a character could receive. She later gave a brief appearance with the same vibe.

The Office Karen

2. Olenna Tyrell’s death in Game of Thrones was surprising. Among all the other characters, she was perfectly written off from the TV show.

Game of Thrones: Olenna Tyrell wins her own death scene
Olenna Tyrell

3. No one wanted Gina Linetti to leave the 99 precinct in Brooklyn nine-nine, right? But she did, and with the same grace the character carried throughout the show.

Brooklyn 99: Why Chelsea Peretti's Gina Left The Show

4. Janice never really left Friends but left the main plot after breaking up with Ross. Although the last we saw her on the show depicted that she was content and happy with her life.

Friends' star Maggie Wheeler reveals how she came up with Janice's iconic laugh | The Morning Show

5. Michael Scott’s exit was such an emotional and heartbreaking moment in the show. He was loved and had so much more depth than it is brought forward. 

Steve Carell describes the 'emotional torture' of leaving 'The Office'
Michael Scott

6. Christina Yang is among the characters that were perfectly written off from the TV show. Her exit fulfilled all her dreams and ambitions.

Sandra Oh on 'Grey's Anatomy' Exit: 'I Came Apart' – The Hollywood Reporter
Christina Yang

7. Amy’s growth was well-deserved and lifted the show too. Her exit from the show was not expected but well-written. She got a corporate job and left Superstore to take it up.

characters written off perfectly

8. They put Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries under a sleeping spell as long as Bonnie was alive. Her exit worked well for the love triangle and the story.

13 Characters Perfectly Written Off TV Shows
Elena Gilbert

9. Criminal Minds had us all hooked to TV screens. However, the kidnapping justified Derek Morgan’s exit. 

13 Characters Perfectly Written Off TV Shows
Derek Morgan

10. Troy’s exit from Community was befitting. He left the college and went on an adventure that will change him forever.

13 Characters Perfectly Written Off TV Shows

11. In Community, Abed’s passion and dedication for filmmaking were profound, and that’s what he pursued towards the end. 

13 Characters Perfectly Written Off TV Shows

12. Bobby in Supernatural actually was killed off by Dick Roman in Season 7, but that wasn’t quite the character’s end. His end was in heaven when he met Dean.

13 Characters Perfectly Written Off TV Shows

13. Jane (Jesse’s girlfriend) from Breaking Bad, even though it had a devastating end, was well-fitted for the storyline. Her fate was an eye-opener and perfectly written exit.

13 Characters Perfectly Written Off TV Shows

These were some of the characters who were perfectly written off from TV shows. Some left us feeling devastated while some had a happy ending. They were still well-written and justified.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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