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13 Crazy Old Man Logan Comic Book Moments That Weren’t In The Movie

Logan is by far one of the grittiest and most lovable movies of the superhero genre. There’s so much to look forward to in this movie. Taking a page straight out of the acclaimed Old Man Logan comic book series, Logan brought life the last ride of Hugh Jackman’s iconic take on the character. But it’s not all black and white. Although the movie did a good job, there were some epic comic book moments even the legendary movie could not capture.

Red Skull’s Trophy Room

The Old Man Logan Universe is a bleak and desolate reality. The superheroes are dead or in hiding. The supervillains one. And the margin of their victory was huge. Red Skull led the charge against the good guys. But all glimmer of hope readers had for this reality still being salvageable were gone after we saw Red Skull’s Trophy room. There’s a trophy from every superhero. It includes everything from Iron Man’s disassembled armor to the Thing‘s severed hand and Angel’s wings.

Hillbilly Hulks

The Hulk Family is the most disturbing element of the entire old man Logan universe. Bruce Banner gives permanent control to the Hulk persona, which is an outright bad guy. The depraved and deranged Hulk marries She-Hulk solely for the purpose of using her as a baby breeding machine. the Hulk Family also practices incest. inbreeding is rampart. They also rule a portion of the United States called Hulkland with a green iron fist. The Hulk family is like a superhuman mafia.

Red Skull Is The President Of The United States

Red Skull used his leadership abilities to its deadliest when he led the war against all superheroes in the Old Man Logan universe. So he sits atop the throne now. As the most powerful person in the world, the Red Skull is now the President of what’s left of the United states Of America. No one is ready to challenge the guy for the crown. At least until the Wolverine arrives.

Hammer Falls

We are seldom told how the heroes fell in Old Man Logan. But we kind of get a front seat row of how things have been ever since the Avengers were taken down. Thor is one of the mightiest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. After he was killed, his magic hammer Mjolnir hit the grounds somewhere in Nevada. The place came to be known as Hammer Falls. Devout pilgrims from all across America started worshipping the hammer. An entire city developed around Mjolnir, making it the country’s most attractive tourist location.

Old Man Punisher

It’s not always we get to see older, badass versions of our favorite superheroes in Marvel Comics. Frank Castle was one of the early ones to fall to the bad guys’ onslaught. He was stabbed in the back by Kraven. But he survived, having managed to fake his death. Old Man Punisher returns in the future where he not only helps nurse Wolverine back to health, but also enlists his help in fighting and decimating a gang of violent wannabes called the Punishers.

Kid Ant-Man

The heroes are gone. But their weapons are not. Dwight is a kid barely even in his tens. The boy hasn’t even hit puberty. And yet he is the new Ant-Man of the Old Man Logan Universe. Dwight guards a bridge, forcing everyone to pay up a tax of “80 Cents” who wants to cross it. Dwight, may we add, is not the official successor to the mantle of Ant-Man. He just happened to come across an ant-Man helmet and figured out how to use its insect control feature.

Kingpin’s Colosseum

The Kingdom Of The Kingpin lies right between Hulkland in the west coast and Doom’s Lair in the West Coast, bordering No Man’s Land in the middle of the USA. The Kingpin has developed a new form of entertainment. He has his personal stadium that is open for everyone for a free. There the Kingpin chains up his enemies and lets loose mean-eating predators to prey on them alive. There’s a particularly gnarly scene of two of his enemies dressed up as Daredevil and the Punisher. they are eaten alive by rabid velociraptors as the crowd gleefully cheers on.

Venom Is a T-Rex

After the villains one, they drew up a new map. Places like Savage Land were exploited by the villains for their personal reasons. Many dinosaurs from savage land were brought to mainland America. One of the dinosaurs was a T-Rex, which soon became the host to the Venom Symbiote. One of the comic book arc’s biggest moments was a Venom T-Rex chasing wolverine and Hawkeye in a jeep.

Pym Falls

Thor was not the only hero whose legacy of death became a geographical location. Hank Pym aka Giant man also got a similar treatment. Like Hammer Falls, Pym Falls is also a small town. Hank Pym’s massive body lays on the cold hard ground. The hero died in what was termed the “Superhero Holocaust”. His skeletal remains are kind of hard to miss. It’s one of the bleakest moments in the comic book arc.

Wolverine Becomes Iron Man

Wolverine makes powerful enemies when he puts on the claws in Old Man Logan. After he ticks the Red Skull off, the latter sends SHIELD agents after him. In this cruel desolate reality, SHIELD works for the Red Skull now. wolverine is outnumbered. His healing factor is not how it used to be. So he uses something else to level the playing field. He infiltrates Red Skull’s trophy room and puts on the iron man armor, which surprisingly still has juice. Anyone who is not Logan meets a swift but painful death.

Ultron – Car Mechanic

The Ultron A.I almost destroyed the world in Age Of Ultron. He is one of the avengers’ deadliest foes. In Old Man Logan, he now works as a car mechanic. Ultron 8 is a benevolent robot who is polite and very helpful. He even helps Hawkeye and Logan meet Tonya, Hawkeye’s third ex-wife. He reveals he now does odd-jobs as a car mechanic in Hammer Falls.


Moloids are the henchmen of a classic Fantastic Four villain – Mole Man. Mole man uses the subterranean race to try and conquer the world. In old Man Logan, the Moloids are no longer just a Saturday Night cartoon Villain of the Day. Acute hunger forced them to opt for newer sources of nutrition. They started hunting human beings. Logan and Hawkeye find this out the hard way when they try to find a city that’s not on the map. It’s not on the map because the Moloids took the entire city underground and fed on the city residents.

A Blind Hawkeye

Old Man Logan and Old Man Punisher are not the only superheroes in hiding. There’s also Old Man Hawkeye, the loyal sidekick who accompanies Logan in his cross country journey. Hawkeye has gone blind. If you think he is not the expert marksman he used to be, then you are dead wrong. despite his disability, Hawkeye still is an expert in marksmanship. He even drives the spider-Mobile for most of the journey.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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