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13 Dazzling Ideas for A Superhero Themed Wedding

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“Love recognizes no barriers. … Up Up And Away…

A ritual where not only two people but also two soles are meet is known as a wedding.
The traditions and customs of a wedding may vary significantly between different religions, various cultures, and some ethnic groups.
It also depends from country to country.
On this big day of the couple, a wedding planner is invited so that he can take the responsibility of decorating and personalizing the wedding according to the bride’s or groom’s choice.
Like for example, if the groom is a die-hard fan of sports, then there can be a theme based on his favorite games.
Or if the bride is a hardcore fan of western music, then the theme can be musical.
Apart from that, a wedding based on a theme looks more contemporary than the understandable or reasonable wedding.
There have been several other ideas on which theme based weddings have occurred, and one such marvelous item is that of superheroes.
Yes, why not, if you or your life-partner are outraged behind superheroes, then this could definitely make an excellent wedding theme!
There are different ways in which a wedding planner can work in the couple’s favorite superhero or comic books.
Like from pulling on some socks or cufflinks to the Ikebana of bouquets.
Sounds Super…
Let us hop into the list compiled by FandomWire that consists of 13 dazzling ideas for a superhero-themed wedding.

1.Let Your Page Boy Feel Like a Total Superhero with a Hidden Tee:


2. Same Goes for the Groom!


3. Let the Ring Bearers Don Some Cute Capes for their Aisle Debut:


4. Create a Cool Bouquet with Comics:


5. Don Some Superhero Lego Figurines as Button Holes:


6. Get a Cute Pic of Your Rings with an Action Figure


7. Some Fun Socks are a Must!


8. Personalize the Suit with Some Superhero Cufflinks:


9. Give Your Table Plan a Superhero Inspired Twist:


10. Name Your Tables After Your Favourite Superheroes:


11. Give Your Customised Cake Topper a Superhero Feel:


12. Add Some Superhero Masks & Props to Your Photo Booth:


13. Dedicate Your Cake to Your Comic Hero:


Source: weddingsonline

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