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13 Disney Channel-Parents Ranked From “Pathetic” To “Write Me Into Your Will”

Parental relationships have always been a common topic for classic Disney stories. Although Disney has been famous for creating amazing shows, there are plenty of incredible and plenty of pathetic parents to stack up. Similarly, some of them aren’t as great as they seemed then. So, in today’s topic, we have ranked 13 parents that Disney has created based on their ability of decision-making. Thus, here’s a list of truly amazing parents and some who tend to make some pretty questionable decisions.

Carey Martin from The Suite Life of Zack And Cody as the mother of Zack and Cody: Her name being the first on the list simply defines how great she was as a mom. Despite other Disney parents, she didn’t leave her kids for a long time. Instead, she made sure her children got the best life.

Disney Parents

Topanga and Cory Mathews from Girl Meets World: Cory is an ideal Disney parent because he not only ensured his children’s well-being but also tried to help his friends.  Topanga, on the other hand, bought a bakery to make Auggie happy. Both of them went out of their way to make their children happy.

Disney Parents

Tanya and Victor from That’s So Raven: They were the coolest parents ever. Thus, Raven never needed to hide her psychic abilities from them. She pretty much came clean with everything she got herself into. Her parents always helped her get through every troubling situation she was in.

Georgia Jones from Shake It Up: Every mom has issues, and Georgia is no exception in that case. But over all, she was a good mom to her kids and loved everyone pretty much the same.

Marcie and Curtis from Shake It Up: During their short time on the show, they seemed like one of the most supportive parents ever. They always stepped up when their children needed their help.

Jo and Sam McGuire from Lizzie McGuire: Sam and Jo seemed like loving parents. And they owned up all the mistakes they made. So in conclusion, they did their best.

Disney Parents

Connie Munroe from Sonny With A Chance: She was indeed a caring mother to her daughter. Connie almost gave up her own life in Wisconsin so that Sonny could follow her dreams. However, she was a bit overbearing, but she truly loved Sonny.

Disney Parents

Jerry and Theresa from Wizards of Waverly Place: Even though both of them undoubtedly cared about their kids, it was evident that Alex was their favorite.

Katy Hart from Girl Meets World: As a mom, Katy’s intentions were pretty right. She did everything in her power to make sure Maya got to live the life she deserved. But eventually, Katy distanced herself from Maya, and that didn’t end quite well.

Bob and Amy from Good Luck Charlie: They were too immature to be ideal parents. However, they cared about their kids.

Lester Dawson from Austin and Ally: Even though Lester was always very supportive of Ally, he used to leave them too much on their own. And that eventually made him an irresponsible parent.

Karen and Pete from Liv and Maddie: They tried to make it work, but Liv used to live across the country. Once she got back home, everything was on track.

Mike and Mimi from Austin and Ally. They were too arrogant to believe in their own son. They never saw the potential in him and also wanted him to give up his successful life just to work at their mattress store.

Disney Parents

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