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13 Facts About Mjolnir That You Definitely Didn’t Know!

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As far as artifacts in the Marvel universe are ranked, Thor’s Mjolnir definitely ranks high in the hierarchy. Proved to be one of the most powerful weapons ever created, the Mjolnir has aided the God of Thunder in conquering and vanquishing hordes of supervillains over the years. Since its appearance in the MCU, the popularity of Mjolnir has soared, almost making it a primary character with its own unique personality.


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In the movies, Thor uses the Mjolnir mostly to summon powerful bolts of lightning and fly at unimaginable speed to cover great distances. But there’s a lot more to this special artifact than shown in the movies. Here are 13 facts about Mjolnir that you definitely should know.

13. Mjolnir Houses The Remnants Of The God Named Tempest


In Jason Aaron’s The Mighty Thor #12, we were introduced to the origins of Mjolnir. Eons before the present date, Odin fought a sentient storm named God Tempest. Though he was able to defeat the storm and trap it inside a piece of Uru metal, his admiration for Tempest explains why Mjolnir is so powerful.

“Its winds blew comets off course, ripped worlds from their orbit, and snuffed out stars like flickering candles. Its lightning left clouds of dust where once were moons. Its thunder made even black holes tremble.”

12. It Can Translate Any Language


In the MCU, it has been established that Asgardians speak Allspeak, which means they can understand any language. In the comics, Mjolnir grants its user the ability to speak and understand any language, thus acting as a universal translator.

11. It Can Change The Weather


In the movies, Thor has only been able to summon dark clouds that produce powerful bolts of lightning. But in the comics, the God of Thunder can actually change the weather, similar to Storm from the X-Men. From summoning tornadoes to hurricanes, Thor’s ability to change the weather is mostly limited to destructive in nature.

10. It Can Summon The Power Of Winds From A Thousand Worlds


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Apart from lightning, Thor can actually summon the power of a thousand storms through Mjolnir. Though lightning is quite effective against most enemies, the sight of a thousand storms from a thousand worlds must be truly unfathomable.

9. Thor Uses Mjolnir To Transform Into His Human Form

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To teach Thor a lesson in humility, Odin banished him to Earth where he lived as Dr. Donald Blake. As Thor learned his lesson and became worthy, he never had the need to use his human persona again. However, when Jane Foster became the Goddess of Thunder, she used the Mjolnir to transform back into her human form to keep it a secret.

8. It Is Highly Effective Against The Undead

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As a religious relic, Mjolnir is extremely effective against the undead. As Thor travels across the universe, he faces such ghastly foes more than you think. Mjolnir can quite literally burn the undead and turn them into ash, when it comes in contact.

7. It Can Absorb Various Forms Of Energy

Mjolnir can absorb energy

The Mjolnir is an ancient relic imbued with many Asgardian magic spells. As a result, it can absorb various forms of energy to strengthen itself. In Thor #301, the God of Thunder absorbed the energies of various deities from numerous religious pantheons to bring his fellow Asgardians back to life.

6. It Can Tear The Fabric Of Reality

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As one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe, this is hardly a surprise. The God of Thunder can rip apart the fabric of reality using the Mjolnir. Interestingly, Thor can actually rip apart reality with his own bare hands, when he becomes Rune King Thor.

5. When Wielded, It Grants All The Powers Of Thor

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There are a handful of people in the Marvel universe who are worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. However, when wielded, the Mjolnir grants its user all the powers of Thor. That explains why Captain America was able to summon a blast of lightning in Avengers: Endgame.

4. Mjolnir Can Detect All Forms Of Energies


Since Mjolnir can find its wielder from great distances, it is not much of a surprise that it can detect energy patterns. This ability helps Thor to find people in need, or the ones who are hiding. Interestingly, Mjolnir can detect all Asgardians due to their unique discharge of electrons.

3. It Can See Through Illusions

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There’s more to Mjolnir than just summoning bolts of lightning or helping Thor cover great distances in seconds. The magical hammer can see through any form of illusion, as demonstrated when Thor faced the demon Mephisto. Despite being a master of illusions, Thor’s Mjolnir was able to detect the real Mephisto and take him down.

2. It Can Take A Physical Form And Converse


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If imbued with enough energy, Mjolnir can project into a physical form of the wielder and hold a conversation. When Jane Foster became the Goddess of Thunder, Mjolnir was able to take a physical form to team-up with Foster. Definitely psychedelic!

1. It Augments The Power of Thor

Mjolnir God Blast Thor

It’s pretty much established that Mjolnir aids Thor in focusing his powers for destructive impact. But whenever the God of Thunder faces an existential threat like the Black Winter, he is often pushed to a corner. To even the odds, Thor uses the ‘God Blast’ which requires the Mjolnir for its full impact. As the All-father, Thor can summon the powers of all the ancient gods and create a destructive blast created out of their indomitable will and calamitous rage.

Written by Akash Senapati

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