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13 Iconic “Sitcom Dudes”, Ranked By How Truly Memorable They Are

Sitcoms are nowadays judged based on their rewatchability quotient, like can we use it as background/white noise after the third or fourth rewatch? It’s true that more than the storyline, the characters of the sitcom have an impact on us. So now, we have ranked 13 “sitcom dudes” on how memorable they are. The ranking is arguable but it is surely enjoyable!

13. Jason’s main crime in The Good Place was being unintelligent. If you see his friends jumping off a cliff, that means Jason has already jumped screaming “Bortles”! That character is as idiotic as it is pleasing.

Jason, The Good Place

12. Larry David plays himself in the show, Curb your Enthusiasm, and it was one of the greatest portrayals of a character on television. He is often stuck in situations that appear to be outright ridiculous at some points, but his reactions make the journey worthwhile.

Larry David, Curb your Enthusiasm

11. Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother wrote the Bro Code. I mean, if he doesn’t deserve a place on this list, then nobody does. Suits on point, charm on point, and NPH’s delivery on point!

Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother
“Bro Code”

10. Michael Scott from The Office would’ve had a better spot on this list if he had stayed a little longer. Real dudes don’t jump the ship.

Michael Scott, The Office
Michael Scott

9. Interestingly enough, Raymond Holt’s not the closeted gay, but a closeted dude. Not to forget, only cool dudes have a nemesis in their lives, looking at you “disco-strangler”.

Raymond Holt, Brooklyn 99 Sitcom Dudes

8. For a man whose body is even worse than Gumbo, Jim did well for himself in life. Some would say he lacks the “dude” qualities as he’s a gentleman. Well, do you remember when he and Darryl bunked together? Yeah, that did him in!

Jim Halpert, The Office Sitcom Dudes
Jim Halpert

7. Sam Malone from Cheers: ‘Cheers’ defined the buddy genre, and nobody can deny that. If you’re a dude and you haven’t seen Cheers, then what are you doing?

Sam Malone, Cheers Sitcom Dudes
So suave.

6. Frank Reynolds’s introduction upped the intensity of chaos by 2 or 3 octaves. We can’t forget when he emerged from a leather couch all naked and sweaty or when he was slithering in the bar drenched in hand sanitizer.

Frank Reynolds, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Sitcom Dudes
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

5. Winston Bishop was no doubt the most adorable character on New Girl. From playing basketball in Latvia to becoming a distinguished officer, Winston taught us that it’s never too late. But, what made him a through and through dude, is how he never stopped being “Prank Sinatra.”

Winston Bishop, New Girl Sitcom Dudes

4. Joey Tribbiani, Friends: Now, why would you try to take off food from a dude’s plate, man? Dudes don’t share; Joey doesn’t share!

Joey Tribbiani, Friends Sitcom Dudes
Joey Tribbiani

3. If you see a lumberjack cutting wood while devouring a scotch and a steak in Pawnee, 99% of the chances are that’s Ron Swanson. Watching him live by his set of rules in life is so pleasing that it almost makes you want to follow him.

3. Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation Sitcom Dudes
Parks and Recreation

2. Phil Dunphy from Modern Family is arguably the best dad in television history. Let us elaborate; one of Phil Dunphy’s PHIL’Sosophies is “when life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be like WHAT?!”

2. Phil Dunphy, Modern Family Sitcom Dudes

1. Granted he is no role model, but when you talk about Sitcom “Dudes,” you just can’t skip Nick Miller. Deep lunges lover, heavy drinker, and a highly irresponsible man-child, has enabled many of us to hope that everything will be okay by the end (as long as you moonwalk out of the room)!

1. Nick Miller, New Girl Sitcom Dudes
New Girl

Was this list nostalgic of sitcom dudes enough for you? We know it was for us!

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