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13 Marvel Cinematic Universe Couple Re-Designs That Are Better Than The Movies

“Love Is In The Air”
Even in MCU, love plays a significant role.

Almost every movie has some sort of love story angle being badly enacted on screen. Superhero jerk is no exception. When our beloved superheroes aren’t out there fighting the big baddies and saving the universe.

Some of them have found time to make love and have a loving relationship.

From the past few years, there have been a lot of iconic superhero relationships.For example, Louis Lane with Superman or Spider-Man with Mary Jane Watson are some of the most iconic superhero love stories, but that’s just the beginning as there are many more superhero couples out there that we as fans even don’t know about. It’s undeniable that some superheroes date other female superheroes, while some of them date ordinary citizens. No matter what the case is, there is always some type of love angle present in the comic books that even gets rendered to movies.

The MCU is no such exception.For the past ten years, Marvel has introduced fans with several romantic circumstances. Some of these relationships end in a deep heartbreak.
With the prosperity of Marvel Cinematic Universe relationships out on the big screen, some fans have taken responsibilities upon themselves to redesign these love birds. Often, some of these fan arts can even be better than the actual ones on the screen.

Today we at FandomWire have compiled a list of 13 Marvel Cinematic Universe Couple Re-Designs That Are Better Than The Movies. Sounds loving let us hop into it!

1. Peter And Michelle By Mayank Kumar:

2. Gamora And Star-Lord By Fennethianell:

3. Stephen And Christine By BekahTodd:

4. Tony And Pepper By Hallpen:

5. T’Challa And Nakia By parksnark:

6. Bruce And Natasha By Celine Kim:

7. Scott And Hope By Ittybittysketches:

8. Thor And Jane By lambchild:

9. Steve And Peggy By illustratedkate:

10. Scarlet Witch And Vision By Saiyakupo:

11. Steve And Sharon By Adyon:

12. Bruce And Betty By unknown artist:

13. Captain America And Black Widow By Alon Chou:


Written by FandomWire Staff

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