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13 Pics If DC/Marvel Actors would Swap Their Characters.

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Imagine that in an alternate reality on some other Earth the actors who portray the role of superheroes in both DC/Marvel have swapped their lives with each other. Like for example if Tom Hiddleston didn’t played the role of Loki the God of Mischief but instead played the role of The Clown Prince of Crime, aka Joker. Wouldn’t that be cool? As cool as it sound it would be awesome if it is done practically in Reel Life. Though we are unaware of this possibility to ever happen it has been done by artist BossLogic who on being inspired by the Arrowverse event named “Elseworlds,” created a series of his own where all the Marvel characters were swapped by the DC characters and named it “ElseBothworlds” based on characters from both the Marvel and DC Universe. Isn’t it interesting scroll down to see it yourself.

1. Henry Cavill As Captain America:

2. Chris Evans As Superman:

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3. Robert Downey Jr. As Batman:

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4. Ben Affleck As Ironman:

aPYWKyB 700bwp

5. Gal Gadot As Black Widow:

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6. Scarlett Johansson As Wonder Woman:

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7. Jason Momoa As Thor:

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8. Chris Hemsworth As Aquaman:

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9. Tom Hiddleston As Joker:

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10. Ezra Miller As The Neighbourhood Spiderman:

ezra miller spiderman 1145589

11. Tom Holland As The Flash:

holland flash 1145600

12. Chadwick Boseman As Cyborg:

cyborg 39050 normal

13. Black Panther As Ray Fisher:



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