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13 Times Deadpool Broke Superhero Movie Roles

Deadpool is an important reminder that not all comic-based stories have to look the same.

Deadpool is a character who has been talking to his readers since Rob Liefeld conceived of him in 1991. In 2016, he appeared on the silver screen for the first time and we actually got to witness his 4th wall breaking conversations. Deadpool knows he’s a comic book character. And he knows that you know that he knows he’s a comic book character. Summed up, Deadpool knows exactly what he’s doing, and exactly what his audience expects.

Deadpool is nothing like most modern superhero films and that’s what makes him a hit in his audience. Check out the 13 times that he broke superhero movie roles

1) He runs his own marketing campaign

For a start, Deadpool has been running his own marketing campaign. | 15 Times "Deadpool" Broke Superhero Movie Rules

Deadpool runs his own marketing campaign in the film where he casually promotes his goodies and platforms on which his film is gonna be available.

2) Doesn’t bother flexing on his assets

Deadpool runs his marketing campaign pretty seriously and tells you all the perks about his products. Even if it means he has out to point out his assets to get some of your sweet, sweet cash.

3) He points out the clichés in his own movie.

He doesn’t bother telling his viewers about most expected things and that’s…hilarious.

4) Gives you the insider angle

Ever heard somebody tell you if it hurt them in a fight? Nobody would tell you except Deadpool

5) Will unapologetically ruin the magic

VFX artists spend hours making things seem real in the film but it takes him seconds to get you back to reality

6) Even the cast is introduced by their character clichés, including “a British villain” and…

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7) Says what we’re all thinking

8) Who in the superhero world says this before a fight?

15 Times "Deadpool" Broke Superhero Movie Rules in 2020 | Superhero movies, Deadpool, Superhero

Deadpool comes up with the funniest openers to his fight

9) He tends to get distracted pretty easily.

He tends to get distracted pretty easily. | Superhero movies, 20th century fox, Giphy

Deadpool’s attention span is shorter than Terrence Howard’s career in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

10) Fight style is the most creative

He’d rather die and revive himself rather than just kill his opponents in a simple way

11) Can also fight gracefully

and sometimes even graceful. | Deadpool, Native american humor, Marvel deadpool

Deadpool is so graceful with his swords and punches that some of the Avengers might even wanna learn combat from him

12) We’ll give you one guess to figure out what his product, Deadpole, is for.

He claims to have a product called Deadpole which won’t be apt to describe here.

13) Has the most remorseless humor

Nobody, I repeat nobody beats The Merc With A Mouth when it comes to his witty punchlines


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Written by Muneer