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13 Times TV Series Finales Gave Satisfying Conlusions (& 14 Times They Didn’t)

13 Times TV Series Finales Gave Satisfying Conlusions 14 Times They Didnt

Series finales can be excruciating work: tying up those loose ends and giving each character a suitable ending while keeping audiences pleased is a tough job indeed. Sometimes the nail hits the bull’s eye, but more often than not, you’re left disgruntled and depressed.

Here’s our list of the best series finales in television history.

1. Touché: One Tree Hill- While we’re still skeptical how Jamie ever grew that tall, watching him play for the Ravens in the finale was the perfect way to encapsulate the series.

Jamie Scott in the series finale flash forward

2. Raté: Gossip Girl- Fans were mortified when Serena ended up with Dan, a bloke who stalked for years.

Selena and Dan in Gossip Girl

3. Touché: Orange Is the New Black- Did Taystee deserve better? Definitely. But seeing her give back to the other inmates at the series’ end showed that there was still hope for her character.

A still from the series finale

4. Raté: Avatar: The Last Airbender– For any Zutara fan, Ang and Katara getting back together just didn’t make the cut.

 Aang and Katara

5. Touché: Schitt’s Creek- Fans were more than happy that David decided to stay in town rather than go back to New York. 

A still from the series

6. Raté: Gossip Girl- Is Nate Archibald, the series’ heartthrob? Absolutely! Is he an ideal mayoral candidate? Hell no!

Nate Archibald in the finale flash forward

7. Touché: The Good Place- Since the very beginning of the series, it’s been Michael’s dream to live as a human being. It’s heartwarming to see his character arc throughout the show and finally be at peace.

Micheal taking it sleazy

8. Raté: Once Upon a Time- After years of her evil reign, it’s almost dumb to think audiences will fall for Regina’s good queen act.

Once Upon a Time; Series Finale

9. Touché: Hannah Montana- Miley embraces her true identity as Miley Stewart. So her going to college with her best friend did justice to her character arc.

Hannah Montana' Fun Facts and Things You Probably Didn't Know

10. Raté: How I Met Your Mother- Any HIMYM fan will cringe if you mention the series ending. Ted going after Robin ruined the show completely.

A still from the series finale

11. Touché: The Vampire Diaries- In the end, not only does Alaric get the chance to improve his dynamic with his kids, but it also set up the foundation for a new spin-off.

Salvatore Boarding School

12. Raté: Secret Life of an American Teenager: Amy moving to New York, leaving John behind, may make sense to some viewers, but it wasn’t the ending we were hoping for.

Secret Life of the American Teenager' Series Finale Sneak Peek – The Hollywood Reporter

13. Touché: Game of Thrones- Sansa truly deserved to be the queen of the North, especially after how much her character grew throughout the series.

Sophie Turner on 'Game of Thrones,' 'Disrespectful' Fan Reactions and Sansa's End - The New York Times

14. Raté: Game of Thrones- Bran as the king doesn’t make sense because there were more competent people and more deserving to be rulers.

How Bran Stark Won the Game of Thrones - What Bran Becoming King of Westeros in GoT Finale Means

15. Touché: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- Kimmy embodies the perfect mix of vibrant, goofy, yet empowering. 

The radical subversion of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's survival narrative | Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | The Guardian

16. Raté: 90210- Contemplating suicide after getting cancer AND losing her baby was way too dark for a young adult TV series.

A still from the finale

17. Touché: Schitt’s Creek- Alexis’s character arc focused on her growth as a person and learning to accept and appreciate not only herself but others as well. 

Where Every Major Character Ends up on the Finale of 'Schitt's Creek'

18. Raté: Friends- This might seem controversial. Sure, it seemed like the happy ending everyone wanted for Rachel and Ross, but Paris was also her dream job.

A still from the last episode of the series

19. Touché: The Good Place- What really makes The Good Place one of a kind is how consistent the show is when it comes to good writing. And nothing makes audiences happier seeing Tahini work as an architect for the rest of eternity.

The Good Place: Tahini

20. Raté: Glee- Sue becoming the Vice President is probably the worst character arc in the entirety of television history.

Sue “Rodham” Sylvester: 2020's Vice President: glee

21. Touché: Breaking Bad- Jesse seems to be stuck in a perpetual low. So seeing him ecstatic at the end was overwhelming, in a good way.

Aaron Paul as Jesse in Breaking Bad

22. Raté: Pretty Little Liars-  To this day, Aria and Ezra’s relationship gives me shivers.

Pretty Little Liars: Aria & Ezra's Baby Name — Perfectionists Update | TVLine

23. Touché: Parks and Recreation- Since the Secret Service accompanies them, one can only assume that Leslie and Ben were presidents, which provides the perfect full-circle moment for the series.

Leslie and Ben

24. Raté: Orange Is The New Black- Piper and Alex ending up together made no sense, but I guess love is love?

Orange Is the New Black star discusses Alex and Piper's future

25. Touché: Glee- Mercedes is a part of Beyoncé’s opening act, as she should be. A queen performing for a queen!

Glee' finale: Watch Mercedes & Brittany perform an original song |

26. Raté: 90210- The writers messed up this one. If Hope’s bleak end wasn’t depressing enough, Liam proposing to Annie made it much worse. 

A still from the series

27. Touché: Breaking Bad-  It was either prison or death for Walter. Death was inevitable and the timing made perfect sense.

A still



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