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14 Alternate Versions of Spider-Man In The Comic Books

One of the most beloved Marvel superheroes that resonate with young fans is Spider-Man. We have seen various iterations of the web-slinger over the years, with Peter Parker being the most popular of all. There are countless movies made on this character. But the comic books have featured other versions of Peter who are completely different from the one we know. In fact, some Spider-Men are projected by characters who are not even Peter Parker. Marvel has published numerous alternate realities over the decades. Each of these universes has a new version of Peter Parker or Spider-Man. We came across some of the interesting ones in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”.  This article lists down some well-known Spider-Men who emerged from the multiverses in Marvel Comics. Here are the 14 alternate versions of Spider-Man in the comic books.



man spider

Magneto had genetically created the Man-Spider where it wasn’t Peter, but a spider who was bitten by a radioactive human. Man Spider’s powers surpassed those of Peter since it had poisonous spit and could shoot webs without web-shooters.


spider cyborg

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This Peter Parker belongs to the distant and apocalyptic future. He possesses regular abilities of Spider-Man plus robotic enhancements. Most of his body parts are replaced by cybernetic implants, such as metallic claws and legs, and Sonic Cannon. This combination of Spider-Man and cyborg became one of the most formidable heroes of the universe.

Patton Parnel

patton parnel 1

Patton Parnel was the grotesque version of Spider-Man who shared no good qualities with his counterparts from other realities. He was a psychopath who grew eight eyes, eight limbs, and fangs after being bitten by a spider. The beast fed on innocents for as long as he was alive before getting killed by Morlun.


Cosmic Spider-Man

cosmic spiderman

Cosmic Spider-Man is the most powerful Spider-Man in all the alternate universes. He is known as Captain Universe, bestowed with Enigma Force that allows him to see through space and time and makes him stronger than anyone else in the Marvel Universe. Peter Parker became Captain Universe in “Spectacular Spider-Man” after being exposed to a blast at Empire University.

Six Arm Spider-Man

Six Arm Spider Man


Peter Parker once drank a potion in an attempt to enhance his existing powers but ended up growing four extra arms. Even though he quickly got rid of his literal spider-body, the What If? Issues explored Spidey’s life with these extra pairs of arms. It turns out that having extra arms would have made his life easier. He could have defeated Doctor Octopus and also saved Gwen Stacy from dying.



Another alternate Spider-hero, Silk aka Cindy Moon, emerges from the same reality as Peter Parker. She was present at the exhibition of the nuclear laboratory the same day when the radioactive spider had bitten Parker. She was stung few moments after Peter but took a long time to realize her full potential. Silk didn’t come under the spotlight until Peter Parker learnt about her and helped her escape her 13 years of captivity under Ezekiel Sims.


Peni Parker

Peni Parker

One of the alternate universes was given manga style in the Marvel comics where Spider-Man was piloted by Peni Parker. Peni was a young Japanese girl who allowed a radioactive spider to bite her so she could operate the CPU of her father’s giant mechanical suit. Peni didn’t possess powers herself but had joined forces with the radioactive spider named SP//dr to pilot the suit.


Spider Wolf


Imagine a Spider-Man with the additional powers of a werewolf! That would have made him one of the most intimidating and strongest heroes. While his origins were unclear, Spider-Wolf hailed from a universe whose inhabitants were mostly werewolves. He would have joined the army of alternate Spider-Men in the Spider-Verse had Karn not killed him.


Spider Gwen 2 768x412 1

Among all the Spider-heroes in the comic books, Spider-Gwen has earned plenty of fans. Her appearance in “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” makes her a familiar and popular name even amongst movie fans. In this universe, Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider while Peter Parker was the one who lost his life. Gwen was a dedicated and fierce version of Spidey who had access to all the crucial information and police equipment, as her father was a cop.




Spiderling aka Anna-May was the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane in an alternate Marvel universe. Apart from inheriting her father’s abilities, Anna-May also had her version of powers which were a bit more advanced. While Peter could sense danger around him because of his Spider-Sense, Anna could sense trouble hours before it happened.

Spider-Man 2099

Spider Man 2099


Miguel O’Hara was a genius scientist from the future of an alternate universe whose experiment went wrong after a colleague sabotaged it. It biologically combined his DNA with spider-genes and bestowed him with powers similar to that of Peter Parker. However, Miguel’s Spider-Man had telepathic abilities and paralyzing fangs. He owned cutting-edge technology such as time-travel machines and encountered Peter Parker during one of his adventures.



Spinneret is a Spidey version of none other than Peter Parker’s love interest, Mary Jane Watson. Peter, who was still the Spider-Man of her universe, built her a suit with similar Spidey abilities. Since the suit was designed to absorb powers from Spider-Man, it ended up giving her access to Venom’s powers as well.



Spider Girl

Anya Corazon aka Spider-Girl also exists in the mainstream universe of Marvel, along with Peter Parker. But unlike other Spider-heroes, she gained her powers from a Spider-Society after saving their sorcerer from a lethal danger. Her powers are more advanced than that of Peter since she can camouflage and use skeletal flexibility.

Miles Morales

milesmorales.0.0 1024x682 1


Miles Morales has risen to more prominence over the years, especially after the success of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. But what set him apart from the regular Spidey that we know are his abilities. Miles has additional powers such as Spider-Camouflage that gives him invisibility and bio-electric energy threads.

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Written by Ipshita Barua