14 Good Movies That Were Ruined By Unnecessary Sequels

14 Good Movies That Were Ruined By Unnecessary Sequels
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Every second movie nowadays ends up having sequels to it. But is a sequel necessary in every case? Are there sequels that ruined the actual film? Yes, there are several such movies. But, unfortunately, their follow-up came to the audience as a great disappointment.


Sometimes, a sequel could be in continuation to the mysterious ending of the first part of the movie. But in some cases, the sequels bring in some stories from the parallel world. Here is a list of 14 films that were a hit, and the audience applauded them. But their continuation disheartened them.

1. Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania - Movies with worst sequels
And this year comes the 4th part

2. The Hangover

According to the reviews, the second sequel was worse, but the third was the worst.

The Hangover - Worst Sequels
7.7/10 IMDb -Comedy Film Series


At first, it was dreadful, and the second follow-up was horrifying. But the third one clearly states that it is just substandard parenting. The audience is disappointed with the continuation of the second part.

Taken - Worst Sequels
7.8/10 IMDb – Action/Thriller

4.The Human Centipede

Some viewers did not find the initial movie satisfactory enough. The continuation just disheartened them to another level.

Human Centipede -Another movie with worst sequel
Horror film series


The movie has a charming position in the genre of Family/Comedy. But Cars 2 was an unnecessary sequel. The audience wasn’t much delighted with it.

CARS 2 -An unnecessary continuation
CARS 2 -An unnecessary continuation


The first movie carried the general message. At the same time, the continuations are speaking of the same again and again.

Transformers: Rise of the Beast

7. Divergent

Viewers describe the sequel of the series as hideous.

Divergent Film Series

8.The Fast and the Furious

The entire film series is an imitation of the first part. So, the film, despite being amusing, the audience is unhappy with it.

 Fast and Furious Movie
Film series owned by Universal Pictures

9.Independence Day

The plot of the continuation is illogical and fails acceptance.

Independence Day Review | Movie - Empire
American science fiction action film series

10.Despicable Me

The first part was a fun movie carrying a message for the audience. Yet, the second follow-up was funny to some extent. But the consequent sequels ruined it.

Despicable Me - Film sequels
Despicable Me (Family/Comedy)

11.Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The only continuation to the movie suggests that it is unnecessary.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Care of Magical Creatures, and a Brewing Dark Side
Fantasy Film

12. Home Alone

No twists in the story plots in the continuations are making things worst. Thus, the follow-ups are not satisfactory and are unnecessary.

Home Alone unnecessary sequels
Comedy film series

13. Saw

The audience appreciates the movie . But at the same time, they describe the follow-ups as shameful.

Saw(Horror/Thriller)-Movie with worst follow-up

14. Jaws

The first movie was so delightful that the sequels cannot match their level.

Jaws- Disappointing continuation

These were some of the movies whose sequels failed to satisfy the audience. The viewers consider them as unnecessary continuations.


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