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14 “Haunting Of Bly Manor” Details That Actually Connect To “Haunting Of Hill House”

The follow-up of Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House is now streaming and we have discovered some parallels which the makers have slyly tried to slip in.

Take a look at 14 such details in Haunting of Bly Manor which connect it to its prequel:

1) When Flora greets Dani at Bly Manor, she tells her that she was “expected,” which is the same thing Olivia says to Nell before she passes away in Hill House.

2) While at boarding school, Miles receives a drawing from Flora that reads, “Come home.” The same message was seen written in crayon to Nell on the walls of Hill House.

3) When Hannah returns to the bonfire, Owen tells her, “Our moments are supposed to be like…,” but they can’t think of how to finish the sentence. If you’re a fan of Hill House, this might remind you of Nell’s iconic line about confetti.

4) Hannah almost uses the confetti line again when she tells Henry to tell Owen that she loves him. Creator Mike Flanagan even confirmed that Hannah’s next word was going to be “confetti.”

5) Peter tells Miles that he will be “tucked away in the forever house” in Hill House, Olivia uses the same phrase to describe her dream house for the Crains.

6) Of course, Flora having a dollhouse of Bly Manor, and being protective over it is reminiscent of Shirley building a model of the forever house after Olivia died.

7) When Peter is trying to convince Miles to let him take over, he says that nothing sad will “ever touch” him again. Olivia says something similar to Hugh when she tries to keep Nell and Luke in the Red Room.

8) When Hannah keeps returning to her memory with Owen in the kitchen, she says, “I’m having the strangest of dreams,” which is something Olivia speaks a lot in Hill House.

9) Miles uses this specific line after he was “tucked away” by Peter and explains to Hannah that she’s actually at the bottom of the well.

10) In Episode 3, Peter explains that there are specific keys that open some doors inside Bly. In Hill House, Shirley is obsessed with finding the right key that unlocks the Red Room.

11) Also, Peter says that people are like “locked rooms,” thus comparing them to a house. In Hill House, Nell does the opposite and compares the house to a person or monster.

12) The color red was noticeable in Hill House due to the Red Room. In Haunting of Bly Manor, the color is prevalent at places like Dani’s backpack, the wall where Viola’s and Perdita’s portraits are hung in Bly Manor, and more.

13) The door knocker on Bly Manor resembles the shape of a lion, and the doorknobs in Hill House can also be seen with lions on them.

14) When Miles forces Hannah to look at her body, all she can say is “No,” which is the same thing Nell says instantly after her death and becoming the Bent-Neck Lady.


Source: BuzzFeed

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