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14 Times Studio Executives Interfered In Films

17 Times Studio Executives Interfered In Films

Studio executives interfering with the direction of films isn’t new. There are so many instances where the executives interfered and turned the film better, and in some cases, well, not. Here are 14 times studio executives interfered in films.

1. Studio interference in the making of The Godfather made it a better film.

The Godfather
The Godfather

2. Disney’s Toy Story would have been way different if they had gone ahead with Katzenberg’s idea. He wanted to make Woody a dark character who was sarcastic, adult, and barbed.

Woody throwing Buzz out the window in the original Black Friday reel

3. While Robocop was being made, its director, Jose Padilha, had fresher and better ideas for the movie, but the studios didn’t give him a chance.

Jose Padilha Robocop

4. We all have seen Lion King multiple times, and the ending sort of places everything in the place. But what if the ending would have been different and darker? The studio interfered and changed it to what we see now.

The Lion King
Lion King

5. The Amazing Spider-Man would’ve had a lot of unexplored parts from the comic books, which Andrew Garfield loved too. But they were taken out by the studio execs.

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield

6. Studio interfered for good for Back To The Future. If they wouldn’t have the name of the film would’ve been Spaceman From Pluto.

Back to the Future
Back to the Future

7. The studio also changed the time machine, for the better, from the original script. Originally they had housed it inside a refrigerator.

Back To The Future Studio executives interference

8. Golden Compass would’ve gained much more success and business if it wasn’t for the studio to remove and reordered main events from the book. The film was made 40 minutes shorter than what Chris Weitz wanted it to be.

The Golden Compass Suicide Squad
The Golden Compass

9. Almost Famous wasn’t going to have the same name. The studio rejected “Untitled”, hence the name. Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon also sent these ideas for the title:

10. Good Will Hunting was supposed to be an action thriller when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck sold the script to Castle Rock Entertainment. They changed the plot, and now we know what that is.

Good Will Hunting
Matt Damon and Robin Williams

11. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 disappointed many, including him. He was in full control for the first two films, and he did better until the studio interfered too much in the third.

Spider-Man 3 studio executives interference
Spider-Man 3

12. Suicide Squad wasn’t going to be all light and bright. But after Superman Vs. Batman didn’t do so well; the studio executives interfered and decided the film’s mood.

Suicide Squad studio executives interference
Suicide Squad

13. We all saw how Fantastic Four (2015) failed and received only 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. Well, it turns out the studio (Fox) interfered too much and stripped off much of the budget and Josh Trank’s ideas.

Fantastic Four”(2015) studio executives interference
Fantastic Four 2015

14. Alien 3 was also nothing like its director, David Fincher, had planned. The studio interference caused him not to use all his ideas and lose 30 minutes of the film.

Alien 3 studio executives interference
Alien 3

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