14 Times T’Challa Proved That Black Panther Was The Greatest Superhero Ever


It has been more than a month since Chadwick Boseman left the world for his heavenly abode. The actor was in his early 40s and was battling colon cancer for the past 4 years. It is astounding how he managed to deliver his most iconic performance as King T’Challa of Wakanda in MCU’s Black Panther.

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Nobody could have done more justice to the role of Wakanda’s king than Boseman. His character was embodied with the epitome of leadership and proved it multiple times how he was the best superhero of all time:


1) When he encouraged M’Baku to yield rather than die during the challenge:

T'Challa fighting with M'Baku and saying, "You have fought with honor. Now yield! Your people need you."

T’Challa cared about all Wakanda citizens, not just the ones who were under him.


2) When he wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable in front of his father:

T'Challa telling his father that he's not ready to live without him.

It was beautiful of T’Challa to show us that it is alright to be vulnerable even if you’re a King


3) When he didn’t let his kingly status go to his head:

Shuri saying, "My king," and T'Challa saying, "Stop it," in favor of their handshake.

T’Challa’s gesture showed that his rise in power wouldn’t change the siblings’ relationship at all.


4) When he listened to the wise women in his life, Okoye & Nakia:

T'Challa about to kill Klaue and Nakia and Okoye interrupting and saying, "King! The world watches."

It was so refreshing to see a man in power stop in his tracks and actually listen to the women in his life.


5) When T’Challa threw himself over a grenade:

T'Challa throwing himself over an exploding grenade

Protecting his people remained the King’s utmost priority. Even if it meant jumping over a grenade.


6) When T’Challa refused to let Agent Ross die:

T'Challa saying he can't just let Agent Ross die knowing he can save him

His small gesture proved that Wakanda was going to be different under him


7) When he accepted Killmonger’s challenge because he knew it was his cousin’s right:

Killmonger saying, "I'm exercising my blood right to challenge for the mantles of king and Black Panther." The Queen Mother saying that he has no rights there, and T'Challa saying, "I accept your challenge."

T’Challa risked his life and accepted Killmoger’s dare


8)When he attempted diplomacy before combat:

T'Challa saying, "Throw down your weapons and we can handle this another way."

His sense of sympathy and understanding reflected when offered Killmoger to talk it all out


9) When he confronted his father for his wrongs:

T'Challa telling his father and ancestors that they were wrong for turning their backs on the world.

He told his father that he was going to be a different king, a better king than T’Chaka had been.


10) When he swallowed his pride and asked M’Baku for help:

T'Challa asking M'Baku to contribute an army to their cause



11) When T’Challa fulfilled his uncle’s promise to show Killmonger the beauty of a Wakandan sunset:

Killmonger saying that his father had promises to show him the Wakandan sunset and T'Challa showing him. Killmonger says, "It's beautiful."

T’Challa proved to Killmoger that his father was right in telling him that Wakandan sunsets were the most beautiful in the world


12) When T’Challa offered to heal his cousin even after all his nonsense:

T'Challa saying, "Maybe we can still heal you."

Admit it, he was the most humble man of the MCU


13) When he figured out a way for Nakia to pursue her dreams as his queen:

T'Challa saying, "I think I know a way you can still fulfill your calling. Please stay."



14) When T’Challa decided to right the wrongs of his family:

T'Challa telling Shuri, "This is where our father killed our uncle. I bought this building. This will be the first Wakandan International Outreach Center,"

T’Challa couldn’t change the past, so he chose to change the future



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