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14 TV Characters That Ruined The Shows

Some TV characters disrupt the balance of our favorite TV shows, sometimes nearly ruining the shows’ legacy. A chain is only as tough as its weakest link. These occasionally annoying, characters on great TV shows were perhaps not shitty enough to make you stop seeing a series. However, they could be baseless enough to get on your nerve.

These characters don’t just limit to guest stars or the supporting cast. Just as often, it’s the principal characters who are the worst. Is Hannah from Girls the most self-loving person in the history of TV? Was Skyler from Breaking Bad the most loathed? We leave it for you to guess.

These are 14 TV Characters That Ruined The Show For People:-


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Due to redundant episodes and sagging ratings, producers Hanna-Barbera pulled out a Hail Mary pass, introducing Scooby’s feisty nephew, Scrappy-Doo, hoping he would save the day. The series was renewed, although the small pup would cause a ripple effect still felt today. Years later, in Scooby’s first live-action feature film, Scrappy was portrayed as an exiled member of Mystery, Inc., who urinated on other team members. So to review Scooby, it is an all-time classic. Scrappy? Best left in the kennel.


How I Met Your Mother quickly positions itself among the best comedies of the last twenty years. The relationship between the show’s five main characters is ecstatic, and for the most part, their story is hilarious and compelling in equal measure, with one major exception. Ted Mosby begins the series as a charmingly quixotic New Yorker searching for his future wife. Then, as HIMYM drags on, Ted’s charm becomes a little bit dampened— especially when you consider that he’s telling his kids the story of all the girls he banged when he was single. The rest of the cast stays good, but Mosby gets tiresome.


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When actor Steve Carell left The Office, a massive void was required to be filled in the Company. Eleanor Donna “Nellie” Bertram soon debuted as a potential suitor to Michael’s throne, despite having no essential qualities for the position. Adding to that, she had horrible social skills, was extremely lonely, depressed, and obsessed with adopting a child. The series also failed to give fans any reason to care about why she suddenly dominated the series. 


She may have achieved sitcom stardom, but when Kaley Cuoco was first getting her feet wet in the blonde girl market, she landed a role in last season of Charmed. Honestly, the series focusing on three modern-day witches was never impressive, but Cuoco’s presence managed to drag it down a few more rungs. Cheesy one-liners, a cardboard performance, and a bogus storyline conspired to make Billie one of the series’ most reviled characters.


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The 1980’s Star Trek is arguably the best. The often high, intellectual adventures of the USS Enterprise were trendy among people, mainly those who found themselves attracted to the ship’s deep-voiced Captain, Jean-Luc Picard. There was, however, one noticeable exception to the show’s greatness. It was token ship kid Wesley Crusher, the son of the ship’s otherwise skilled doctor Beverly Crusher. He was whiny, upbeat, and interested in ways that made it appear like Wheaton (the actor portraying him) was on an episode of Mister Wizard.


FOX network’s first hit was Married With Children, a sitcom still fondly remembered to this day. One character is all but forgotten, may be for the best. He was a symbol that the end was near. Seven Wanker, after being abandoned by Peggy’s family, was adopted by the Bundys’, opening the door for Al’s misery to progress with a new mouth to feed. Still, Al considers him to be a “true Bundy”. But, with no other back story and a character too gullible for what worked on a non-traditional sitcom, Married began to list sideways.


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The West Wing was superbly written from the pilot forward, but the show’s first season has a prominent anchor around its neck in the form of fast-talking snooze-fest, Mandy Hampton. Fortunately, Aaron Sorkin chose to bump Kelly after one season and elevate Janel Moloney’s Donna Moss to series regular.

Piper Chapman, Orange Is The New Black

This is Piper’s story to narrate, so what do we do when the principal character is also the least captivating? Orange Is the New Black is ripe with sensational, well-written characters. Initially, she is our protagonist; however, it quickly becomes distinct that she is self-centered and toxic to everyone in her life.

Thankfully, the show’s creator Jenji Kohan realized this rather quickly and began concentrating on the other exciting inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary.

Skyler White- Breaking Bad

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Skyler did not become universally loathed on Breaking Bad until she found out that her cancer-struck husband was cooking and selling drugs and becoming an obnoxious kingpin in the making. She had understandable moral objections to her husband’s new business. Still, some argued that Walter was the show’s “protagonist,” so anything or anyone who got in his path essentially became the bad guy.

Dana Brody, Homeland

Brody is another TV character that the net could not stop loathing. Entire sites were dedicated to listing out all the points why her character is one of the worst in television history. Here’s the thing, Homeland is a somber drama about terrorism. It isn’t a show about teen angst, which came pouring out of Dana. Her character always seemed to take away from the script instead of adding to it. Every time she appeared on TV, Dana was just a major annoying hindrance on Homeland.

Emily Waltham, Friends

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Everybody always knew that Ross and Rachel were going to end up together in the end. All Emily did was put a significant delay in the inevitable. Emily prevents Ross from seeing Rachel after he yells out Rachel’s name during their wedding ceremony (oops!). Yes, of course, she is correct. But come on! Emily nearly broke up the whole gang.


The breakout characters of Animaniacs were the obnoxious and transgressive Pinky and the Brain, lab rats who tried to control the world in their free period. (Well, the Brain would. Pinky was only clever enough to go along for the ride.) The WB network had such belief in the characters that in 1995, it greenlit a main-time spinoff, Pinky, and the Brain

Jessica Day — New Girl

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Zooey Deschanel’s Jessica Day carried New Girl for seven seasons. Unless, of course, you’re one of those people who hated Jess, in which case you’d say New Girl “survived” Jessica Day for seven seasons. Who would’ve thought “adorkability” could be so controversial? And yet, what some people consider endearing quirks, others consider irritating schtick.

Hannah from Girls

Speaking of being pretentious, let’s move on to a figure who claimed to be “the voice of her people” by the end of her show’s episode. Man, people loved to hate on Hannah, although, truly, you could easily make the point that most of her friends were just as loathe-able, if not more so.

 I hope you disliked our characters.

Written by FandomWire Staff