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15 Actors That Made Big Bucks Starring In Box Office Flops

What’s worse than starring in a box office flop? Probably walking off with millions of dollars in your pockets. Here is a list of actors that made big bucks by starring in movies that bombed at the box office.


1. Julia Roberts shot her role for Mother’s Day in 4 days. The actress managed to make $4million dollars for her short appearance in this flop rom-com.

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2. Halle Berry earned a Rassie award for her role in Catwoman. Though the movie was a big flop on the box office, Berry made a stunning $14 million dollar paycheck out of it.

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3. Tom Cruise is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He made $5million dollars for his supporting role in Rock Of Ages. The movie itself made $60million on a $75million dollar budget.

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4. Eddie Murphy starred in one of the biggest box office flops of all time, The Adventures OF Pluto Nash. Murphy made $17million for his part, though the movie only made $7million on a budget of $100million.

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5. George Clooney made a whooping $25million dollar for his role in Tomorrowland. The movie is one of the biggest flops by Disney.

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6. Sylvester Stallone was paid a $15million dollar salary for his role in the 2012 movie Bullet To The Head. The movie made $22million on the box office, just 7million more than Stallone’s paycheck.

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7. Steve Carell was paid $12million dollars for his role in Dinner for Schmucks. The movie flopped terribly at the box office, despite having some of the biggest names in comedy.

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8. Vin Diesel made $2.5million dollars for starring in A Man Apart. This 2003 box office flop action flick, made only $44million on a $36million budget.

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9. Robert Downey Jr. earned a hefty paycheck of $20million for his role in Dolittle 2020. The movie however was a disaster at the box office and made $245million on a $175million budget.

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10. Scarlet Johansson’s live-action Ghost in the Shell was a big flop at the box office. Though there was a lot of controversy surrounding her casting, she was paid $10million dollars for her role. (which is probably why she took it)


11. Made on a $120million budget, How Do You Know had a star-studded cast. The movie ended up making only $48million. Reese Witherspoon earned $15million for her part alone.

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12. Mark Wahlberg collected $5million for his role in All The Money In The World. The movie however only made $57million on a $50million budget.

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13. Angelina Jolie was paid $10million for her role in The Good Shepherd. Rober De Niro got a budget of $90million for his movie which barely made $100million.

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14. Mortdecai ended up making only $47million on a $60million budget. Johnny Depp, however, made $18million for his part in the movie.

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15. Arnold Schwarzenegger collected $25million dollar for his role in The 6th Day, more than 1/4th of the film’s budget. The movie managed to make $96million on a budget of $82million. 15 3

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