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15 Actors Who ALMOST Played A Different Character

15 Actors Who ALMOST Played A Different Character

Some characters are so tightly associated with the actor that it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else playing that part. However, often due to major last-minute changes, actors who were originally considered for some parts end up playing different characters. Here are 15 actors who almost played a different character:

1. Marvel Cinematic Universe – Michael B. Jordan initially auditioned to play Falcon.

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Actors Who ALMOST Played A Different Character

Before playing Black Panther’s Killmonger Michael B. Jordan’s made his first attempt to enter MCU when he gave his audition for the part of Sam Wilson, which eventually went to Anthony Mackie.


2. The Office – Rainn Wilson was up for the part of Michael Scott.

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Rainn Wilson was the first person to audition for The Office and according to him, he did a terrible Ricky Gervais impersonation for Michael. However, he performed better as Dwight Schrute, so he eventually landed that role.


3. DC Extended Universe – Gal Gadot turned down the part of Faora.

Actors Who ALMOST Played A Different Character

Gal Gadot only opted out of playing Faora because she was pregnant. She later got offered to play one of the franchise’s top heroes.

4. The Dark Knight Trilogy – Cillian Murphy could have been Batman.

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Before Christian Bale bagged the role, Cillian Murphy was picked to play the Caped Crusader. He even shot a screen test donning the batsuit. However, he later went against Batman to play the Scarecrow.


5. Ocean’s Eleven – Bruce Willis turned down the part of Danny Ocean.

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Willis’ cameo in the sequel was quite a downgrade from the chance to play the lead .”I think he regretted not being in the first movie,” George Clooney said in an interview.


6. The Godfather – James Caan was cast as Michael Corleone.

10 15

Francis Ford Coppola always wanted Al Pacino for the role, but the studio pressured him into casting Caan instead. Coppola ended up getting his way, on the condition that Caan played Michael’s brother Sonny.


7. The Matrix – Jada Pinkett Smith could’ve played Trinity

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“We just didn’t have any chemistry, he and I,” Jada Pinkett Smith said who shot a screen test with Keanu Reeves. However, the Wachowskis liked her enough that they created the character of Niobe for her.

8. Scream – Drew Barrymore was going to play Sidney Prescott.

4 15

According to Barrymore, she was peeved that big-name actors can always be safely assumed to survive horror movies so she took the minor role of Casey Becker to change that.


9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Stephanie Beatriz bombed her audition for Amy Santiago.

5 15

Stephanie was a huge fan of Andy Samberg and she got really nervous while shooting a screen test with him. She was much more comfortable auditioning for “Megan”, a part which was developed into Rosa Diaz.


10. Battlestar Galactica – Lucy Lawless turned down the part of Ellen Tigh.

6 17

Lucy Lawless was the first pick of the producers to play Ellen Tigh. However, she said “I don’t play anyone’s wife. That’s boring.” She felt much more content when she was offered to play a Cylon.

11. Marvel Cinematic Universe – Kumail Nanjiani almost bagged a role in Guardians of the Galaxy instead of Eternals.

7 15
Actors Who ALMOST Played A Different Character

The makers of Eternals were refused to cast Nanjiani as James Gunn had a cameo planned for him in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. The film’s delay however changed that.

12. DC Extended Universe – Joe Manganiello almost played Superman.

12 12

Manganiello apparently had a long talk with Zack Snyder about playing Clark Kent but his commitment to True Blood changed all plans. He later settled to play Deathstroke.


13. Star Trek – Kim Cattrall was almost Saavik.

13 14

Director Nicholas Meyer had already decided to cast Cattrall as the Vulcan. However, she had to give up the part due to scheduling conflicts. She ended up playing Saavik’s replacement, Valeris.

14. 24 – Richard Burgi almost played Jack Bauer.

14 13

Richard Burgi was super close to playing Jack Bauer but the network wanted a bigger name. Hence, they decided to cast Kiefer Sutherland. To extend their apology, the studio offered Burgi the part of Alan York.

15. Star Trek – Alexander Siddig was the initial pick to play Ben Sisko.

15 12
Actors Who ALMOST Played A Different Character

Rick Berman who made Deep Space Nine Series got in touch with Alex Siddig after he saw him in a movie to offer him the role of Commander Sisko. However, when he learned that Siddig was too young for the part he offered him the role of Doctor Bashirinstead.



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Written by Muneer

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