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15 Actors Who Have Become Exceptionally Good With Their Movie Weapons

Some celebrities in showbiz are such quick learners that they became exceptionally good with the weapons that their characters uses in the film. The sword fighting classes, fencing, and gun shooting practices have paid off well for these 15 actors:



1. Keanu Reeves has an exceptionally good aim. After doing action films like John Wick, Speed, Point Blank, The Matrix, and its sequels, Keanu became trained enough to be called a professional-level shooter.

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2. While preparing for the film Princess Bride, Cary Elwes became well trained in using a sword. He trained for months with the sword and even on days when they weren’t shooting. Elwes ended up being so good that fencing academies now show his duel with Inigo Montoya in classes.

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3. While preparing for the role of Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, Hailee Steinfeld became a real archer. She started to enjoy archery so much that she became a professional archer. Since she wasn’t aware of how much CGI Marvel would use, Hailee was a bit disappointed to learn that all her work was for nothing, as MCU bows don’t shoot real arrows.

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4. Michelle Pfeiffer who rose to fame for her portrayal of Catwoman got so good with cracking a whip, she started doing it better than her stunt double. Pfeiffer was already great with the whip but she became better than the stunt actor.


5. Tom Cruise’s handling of guns in collateral is so good that he has become a gun teacher. Firearm classes use his action clips for demonstration.

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6. Viggo Mortensen is extremely good with a sword. Bob Anderson who happens to be a sword fighter and the stunt double of Viggo Mortensen, said that he’s the most talented swordsman he had ever trained.

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7. For The Princess Bride, Mandy Patinkin learned fencing at Juilliard. After the film wrapped up, he spent two more months attaining perfection. Today, fencing academies show his duels in their classes.

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8. In order to calm her mind, Angelina Jolie likes to throw knives. While filming Tomb Raider, Angelina Jolie started to practice knife throwing. She now uses knives as stress relievers.

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9. Kit Harrington became pretty amazing with swords after Game Of Thrones. He now does most of his own fights and stunts in movies.

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11. Adrian Paul is so good with swords, he could behead you for real. The Highlander star became an expert over the course of the show and now funds various sword academies.

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12. William Zabka is a walking weapon. After Karate Kid, he became a karate expert as the skills stuck with him after the film concluded. He ended up with a green belt, halfway to a black belt, before Cobra Kai.

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13. Basil Rathbone was a fencing guru. He was apparently a British Army Fencing Champ and received training to go to war. This allowed him to become a teacher to other famous swordsmen.

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14. Robin Hood star Errol Flynn was an exceptional sword dancer. He was as good with a sword as he appeared to be in movies. Flynn performed his own stunts and was called the dueling Fred Astaire.

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15. Chloë Grace Moretz was the fastest learner on the sets of Kick-Ass. She could stab you with a butterfly knife and you’d be able to do nothing.

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