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15 Awesome Facts About Sam Raimi And His Awesome Movies

If he steps in, he’s changing the game. Sam Raimi is one of a kind in Hollywood. By adding perfection to every bit, Sam Raimi leaves no stone unturned when he picks up a project. His Spider-Man and Evil Dead trilogies are cult classics. Check out 15 awesome facts about Sam Raimi and his movies:


1. His Spider-Man 1 was MCU’s gateway

Sam Raimi

It was pretty rare to find decent superhero movies with good CGI in those days. When Raimi’s Spider-Man was released, it set up a really high bar and opened the floodgates of MCU flicks.


2. His bond with Bruce Campbell is very special

Born in Royal Oak, Michigan, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell met when they were in their teens. Both were keen to work in movies and even partnered in a few films before Evil Dead happened.


3. Raimi was influencing franchises long before Spider-Man.

Raimi’s hair-raising action in the 1990s flick Darkman had an influence on films like Mission: Impossible the Dark Knight trilogy. Movie buffs report that a lot of action sequences were inspired by Darkman.


4. It was Raimi’s idea to keep Spider-Man’s web-shooters organic

Raimi felt that portraying Peter Parker as a mechanical genius would take the light off his being just a regular boy. The organic shooters allowed him to bypass the issue.


5. He had pitched the idea for a Wolverine cameo in Spider-Man.

According to reports, Hugh Jackman even flew to New York for the shoot but it could never happen.  The production house justified it by saying that they couldn’t find the Wolverine costume hence they canceled the cameo.


6. He makes a very random cameo in The Flinstones (1994)

Raimi plays an actor portraying Kyle MacLachlan’s character in a TV re-enactment.

7. He owes it to Stephen King for saving The Evil Dead

Nobody wanted to distribute The Evil Dead in the U.S. because of how shocking it was. When Stephen King saw the film, he wrote an exceptional review that caught the eye of New Line Cinema who ended up buying it.


8. Raimi almost did a Thor movie

Sam Raimi

When Raimi pitched his idea to Stan Lee about doing a movie on the blonde god, Stan Lee agreed. However, 20th Century Fox believed that superhero movies had low success rates and Batman was merely a fluke.


9. Raimi only wears suits on film sets.

He deems it super cool and claims it’s a way to show respect to the cast and crew if you suit up to the shoot.

10. Raimi didn’t want Venom in Spider-Man 3

Sam Raimi

It was only after producer Avi Arad’s several requests that Raimi added Venom as one of the villains of the film.


11. Raimi made a cheesy early teaser for Spider-Man

Sam Raimi

While we’re familiar with the infamous Twin Tower teaser, there was another one before that with “In a world” -style narration, poor CGI, and music from The Matrix.


13. Jake Gyllenhaal was almost his Spider-Man

Raimi had cast Jake for the role of Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2 when Tobey sustained a serious back injury. Tobey however bounced back pretty quick.


14. Bruce Campbell is cameos in almost all of his movies

You can spot Bruce in films like Darkman, Oz the Great and Powerful, the Spider-Man trilogy, and most recently in Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness.

15. Raimi took the hate for Spider-Man 3 very personally

Sam Raimi

The backlash upset him so much that Raimi decided he would never direct a superhero film again (Until recently).


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