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15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Awesome Movie Weapons

Action movies in Hollywood always depict a weapon-crazy world. Here are 15 BTS facts about awesome movie weapons:

1. The original lightsaber that Luke Skywalker uses in Star Wars was created using a flash tube unit from a forties-era camera. If you look closely you can even spot a sticker covering up the logo. Turns out if we make cameras bright enough, they can be used to make lightsabers.

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Awesome Movie Weapons

2. The flamethrower Leonardo DiCaprio uses in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was a real flamethrower. In the scene in where Manson family comes to kill Sharon Tate, DiCaprio’s character deters them off with a flamethrower. Tarantino really just gave DiCaprio a real flamethrower and let him loose.

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Awesome Movie Weapons

3. The axe that Jack Torrance used in The Shining was an expensive unit. The famous axe that he used to terrorize his family was sold at an auction in England for more than 200 grands.

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Awesome Movie Weapons

4. Used for stunning, heating, killing, or disintegrating living creatures, the famous phaser gun in the Star Trek movies was created by Wah Ming Chang. In fact, most weapons in the original series were created by the same man, Wah Ming Chang.

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5. Darksabers are fragile, it turns out. While filming The Mandolarian, Giancarlo Esposito kept breaking the Darksabers. He claimed he couldn’t stop breaking the props on the set of the film.

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6. The fury flamethrower that we saw in Mad Max: Fury Road was made out of bedpans.

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7. One of the many million iconic things used in the The Blade Runner was the gun that Rick Deckard had. It is listed as one of the most expensive props ever to be sold ($250,000).

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8. Freddy Krueger was almost given a sickle tool instead of a glove in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Director Wes Craven believed it would be a good idea to give Freddy Krueger a sickle because subtlety is for cowards.


9. Fargo’s bloody woodchipper has now become a tourist spot. The famous woodchipper from the film where bodies were gruesomely disposed of can be visited if you want. It’s a full tourist attraction

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10. Antonio Banderas couldn’t help but make the gun shooting sounds during the shootout in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Since he’s very unused to the lack of noise from blanks, he started making gun shooting sounds during an entire fight. It had to be all edited out.

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11. One of the most iconic Bond weapons from the film The Man With The Golden Gun got stolen. Each of the prop guns were worth over $100,000. Back then, this amount could fetch you a house.

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13. Star Wars’ Ewan McGregor and Laura Dern both made sounds like “schwoosh, zoom, pew-pew!” when they would use their sci-fi weapons. It was Obi-Wan McGregor who apparently started making lightsaber sounds Laura Dern started doing the same with her blaster. In both cases it had to be edited out in post.

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14. When Karate Kid’s iconic headband was stolen, it caused a hell lot of ruckus on the film’s set. However, the thief came out about it on live television. It turned out it was the Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio.

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15. Anton Chigurh barely made any use of the cattle gun in No Country for Old Men. The cattle gun which is the most iconic weapon of the film was used lethally once.

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