15 Bizarre Celebrity Quirks And Why They Exist


Celebrities put a lot of effort to polish public identities. Even their strange idiosyncrasies are blindly followed by their fans because they believe it’s cool. Take a look at 15 bizarre celebrity quirks and the reason why they exist:

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1. Clint Eastwood has his eyes squinted most of the time because they’re extremely sensitive to light. When he used to film in bright light for the Fistful of Dollars, he had his eyes squinted in most of the scenes. Little did he know at that time that he would start the Clint-Squint trend.

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Bizarre Celebrity Quirks

2. We see Christopher Walken dancing a lot in his movies. This is because Walken started his career as a dancer and not an actor. He tries his level best to incorporate dance moves into his actions whenever and wherever he can.

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Bizarre Celebrity Quirks

3. Even if the world was to split into two, Teller (of Penn & Teller) won’t respond to troll hecklers. He realized it pretty early in his career that if you pay no heed to loud dunks trying to interrupt your act, they’ll get bored and eventually give up.

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Bizarre Celebrity Quirks

4. The scar that you see on Joaquin Phoenix’s mouth isn’t from some cleft lip repair surgery. It’s his birthmark.

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5. Frontman of the rock band U2, Bono is always seen wearing glasses because of his glaucoma problem. It’s a condition that can make eyes more sensitive to light.

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6. True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll admits that she started dyeing her hair red to literally grasp attention and be more noticeable. As a light-skinned blonde and lifelong loner, she says she always faded into the background.

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Bizarre Celebrity Quirks

7. Mister Rogers, the host of educational children’s TV show would always say it out loud whenever he would feed the fishes because he received a letter from a young blind fan who was worried he was keeping his finned friends hungry.

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8. The earrings that Morgan Freeman wears aren’t any usual earrings. They’re expensive enough to buy him a coffin just in case he dies at some unusual place. This is an old tradition followed by sailors.

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9. Bill Nye who we famously know as ‘The Science Guy’ is always seen wearing a bow tie because he fears a knotted tie is at risk of falling into his experiments

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10. Grunge fashion wasn’t a choice that Kurt Cobain made to follow. He would remain so broke that he would only shop from thrift stores and get mismatched clothes.

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11. Jason Momoa’s eyebrow scar actually has a story. A dude randomly smashed a beer bottle in his face one day which required him to get 180 stitches.

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12. Marilyn Monroe would deliver dialogues sexily by whispering them because that would curb her stuttering problem

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13. Emma Stone has a very distinctive husky voice because of a rare childhood condition. She got diagnosed with Colic as an infant She claims that she screamed so much during the first six months of her birth that she developed nodules in he throat.

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14. Ariana Grande sports a high ponytail most of the time because she damaged her hair a lot when she had to dye it for playing Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon show Victorious. 

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15. Milo Ventimiglia always has a crooked mouth because of dead nerves. Milo himself wasn’t aware of his condition until he saw himself in an interview as a kid. He tries to contain it as much as he can but can’t help it when a scene involves running or yelling.

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