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15 Celebrities Share Self-Care Practices That We All Should Probably Start Doing

15 Celebrities Share Self Care Practices That We All Should Probably Start Doing

In this exhausting life, it’s really hard to give time to yourself. However, it’s about time we realize that it’s us who we need to put first. If these hustling celebrities can do it, what’s stopping us? You might wanna try these few forms of self-care:

During an interview with Forbes, Jennifer Aniston said that she doesn’t pick up her phone in the morning till she’s finished walking and feeding her dogs, meditating, journaling, and having her daily cup of coffee. 

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Beyoncé said it hit her hard that self-care is not all about meditation and diets. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she explained that it’s all about keeping your body and mind happy by feeding the right things.

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Selena Gomez in conversation with People explained how a nap does wonders for her. She believes that taking a nap when you’re feeling a little low is nice because you feel like you can start over.

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Jonathan Van Ness told Shape that they are a firm yoga believer. They say that getting adequate sleep and waking up in time to get all sweaty is very important for you to run through your day.

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Oprah told O Magazine that she becomes irritable and anxiety-prone on Sundays if she doesn’t sit idle. She dedicates her Sundays to taking rest and doing absolutely nothing.

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Olivia Rodrigo’s form of self-care involves doing her makeup, skincare, showers, and nourishing her hair. She believes that you shouldn’t be on your phone and be by yourself. 

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Emma Watson takes a bath every single day of her life. If time allows, she even takes two or three. She believes that nothing terrible is ever going to happen in a bath.

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Japanese Tennis player Naomi Osaka told InStyle that mediation is her key to self-care. She also considers music as a great tool, which is why she’s almost always wearing my headphones. 

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Ashley Graham shared the importance of talking to yourself in the mirror. Graham in talks with Bustle told that if you can’t talk to yourself in the mirror and say I love you, there’s an issue. 

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During an interview with Shape, Jennifer Lopez shared the importance of doing things that you adore for a little longer. Like taking a 10-minute bath instead of a 3-minute bath

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Lili Reinhart told Elle that her form of self-care is writing. “I journal a lot for nobody but myself,” she said. “Just to get my thoughts out and to clear my mind. That’s very therapeutic to me.”

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Snoop Dogg who has been very vocal about self-care believes that every man has a feminine side and it’s important to be in touch with it. He’s absolutely fond of getting his nails done at the spa.

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Kate Winslet told Marie Carie that she finds peace in working out on her Peloton Bike as she’s able to release toxins from her mind. The bike gets her so much help that she never travels anywhere without it.

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Serena Williams takes her time out to give nourishment to her body using her all-time favorite coconut oil.

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Frank Ocean feels ‘beautiful’ when he puts on his night cream and believes that men really should stop the practice of being so nonchalant about skincare.

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