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15 Celebrities Who Claim To Have Seen UFOs And/Or Aliens

15 Celebrities Who Claim To Have Seen UFOs AndOr Aliens

Being in showbiz requires you to be at a lot of places around the world. Some of the industry’s top A-listers have shared stories of the times when they were at the wrong place at the wrong time which led them to paranormal encounters. Scroll for stories of 15 celebrities who swear they either saw UFOs or aliens:


1. Shaquille O’Neal claims to have seen a UFO in Madera, California in 1997. He was surrounded by his friends when he saw a “flying saucer” coming to the ground with its lights on, then taking off again.

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2. Shirley Maclaine was sure that she saw a UFO back in 1952, in Arlington, VA. She narrated her account: “I was there in Arlington, Virginia in 1952 when a whole UFO squadron buzzed the White House and the Capitol.”

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3. Post Malone was only 16 when he saw a UFO whilst residing with his aunt and uncle. He tells that he and his cousin looked out the window and saw a light that just hung there before it suddenly left.

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4. There was a time when Robbie Williams was so UFO-obsessed, he almost considered becoming a urologist. He claims to have seen multiple UFOs throughout his lifetime, including a particularly weird one when he played a song about alien contact.

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5. Nick Jonas claims that 3 UFOs landed in his backyard in LA back when he was 15. Since Jonas was with one of his friends, he turned to him and asked him “Are you seeing this, or am I losing my mind?”

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6. Aaron Rodgers claims that he saw an orange UFO at night in New Jersey, back in 2005. He says that two other people saw this UFO too which snuck behind clouds. He says, they couldn’t fully make it out, but it was large and “moving from left to right.”

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7. A UFO flew by John Lennon’s window in New York back when he was young. The year was 1974 and he was gazing out the window when he saw UFO hovering barely 100 ft away over a nearby building.

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8. One day while driving, Miley Cyrus claims to have seen a UFO and an alien. According to what Cyrus narrated, the UFO chased her and a friend in their car, and she even saw “a being” sitting in front of it. They made eye contact, and it “shook” her, She says.

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9. Russell Crowe got a visual of a UFO above Woolloomooloo, Australia on his camera. He set up a camera near his office to take pictures of fruit bats, but instead caught a flash across the sky which he claims was a UFO.

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10. Kurt Russell claims that he saw the Phoenix Lights in Phoenix, AZ, in 1997. He noticed them while flying his plane, and informed it to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

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11. New Jersey Nets player Deron Williams saw a UFO when Hurricane Sandy was wreaking havoc. He claims that during a brief power cut, he was looking outside the window and saw a green flash crossing the sky.

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12. Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock saw a UFO while he was on a plane in 1997. He claimed to have seen the Phoenix Lights which appear V-shaped in the sky with lights scattered all over it.

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13. Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar claims that he didn’t just see UFOs but even got abducted! He even tells that aliens were wirelessly “plugged” into him.

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14. It was Demi Lovato’s 28th birthday when they made contact with aliens. Around evening, they were casually stargazing with their friends. Just for fun, they did a “protocol” that made them contact extraterrestrial beings. To their surprise, it worked and lights appeared suddenly in the sky.

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15. Former president Jimmy Carter claims to have seen a UFO in 1969 while waiting for a Lion’s Club meeting. He called it “the darndest thing I’ve ever seen,” and he filed a full report about it to the International UFO Bureau years later in 1973.

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