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15 Celebrities Who Gave The Wittiest Reply To Criticism

You might wanna applaud these celebs who called out some online trolls in the best possible manner. Here are 15 celebrities who gave the wittiest reply to criticism:


1. P!nk didn’t hold back at all when a troll attacked her over her baby’s picture. She started getting comments on her post after she posted a pic of her kid without bottoms. She replied to one of the comments by saying, “Going off about my baby’s penis? About circumcision??? Are you for real? As any normal mother at the beach, I didn’t even notice he took off his swim diaper”

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2. Travis Barker hit back on a troll who tried to poke fun at his tattoos. A user left a comment on his Insta post saying “The tattoos really look ridiculous, Travis. When you get older, you are going to regret it.” He replied, “When I’m older I’m probably gonna hang out with other badass tattooed dudes and generally Iook awesome.”

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3. When someone belittled Kate Beckinsale for smoking a cigarette, she had a witty response. A commenter said, “But you smoke like a chimney!!” She replied, “I actually don’t but you know what’s funny- whenever someone makes a snide comment nine times out of ten their profile says GOOD VIBES ONLY which I must tell you, as a mate, you’re not fully acing,”


4. When haters poked fun at Demi Lovato’s weight, Dallas Lovato didn’t hold back. “Ya know what? Here’s another thing I’m just saying to all the f**king tabloids out there right now calling my sister fat, go f*** yourself because she’s the most beautiful, strong, amazing person that I’ve ever met in my entire life,”

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5. JK Rowling had a witty response to a homophobic Twitter user. He wrote “couldn’t see” Dumbledore as gay, and she replied, “Maybe because gay people just look like… people?”

Celebrities who gave the wittiest reply to criticism

6. Kim Kardashian hit back Piers Morgan when he tried to slam her over nudes, Morgan posted “I know the old man’s $50 million in debt, Kim- but this is absurd. Want me to buy you some clothes?”, and she replied “Hey @piersmorgan never offer to buy a married woman clothes. that’s on some Ashley Madison type s”*t.”

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Celebrities who gave the wittiest reply to criticism

7. When someone tried to belittle Eva Mendes for her age, she gracefully embraced it by saying “thanks for the reminder that I’m still here,” followed by three emoji hearts.

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Celebrities who gave the wittiest reply to criticism

8. Around the demise of rapper Mac Miller, a Twitter troll accused Ariana Grande of “milking” her ex-boyfriend’s death for attention, she responded by saying, “I pray you never have to deal with anything like this ever, and I’m sending you peace and love.”


9. Kelly Ripa takes no crap when anyone tries to troll her. She hit back a troll once: “I love a clap back. I love a troll but love to troll a troll. Like, if you’re gonna troll me, then I’m gonna troll back. And that, we can all agree, that is the way God intended.”

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10. 50 Cent tried to slam Madonna over a lingerie photoshoot and later apologized. Madonna ripped his “fake apology” by calling it “fake,” “bullshit,” and “not valid” in an Instagram video.

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11. A user called Khloe K’s daughter True not cute,” she didn’t hold back. She said “What type of disgusting human being are you? It’s pathetic that you are this miserable in your life. I just don’t get why people have that much energy to actually project all of this negativity. That takes a lot more energy than just being kind.”

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13. When people were criticizing Bridgerton for the lack of diversity, actress Nicola Coughlan who played Penelope Featherington tweeted them a response: “You know the way some people were like ‘Diversity in period drama doesn’t work’… 63 million households thought it did tho so,”

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14. A troll tried to slut shame Gigi Hadid by tweeting that she needs to “practice how to walk properly instead of having a new boyfriend every two weeks,” Hadid hit back by saying, “My walk can always get better; I hope the unrelated bitterness in [your] heart can too.”

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15. Kourtney Kardashian didn’t hold back when she posted a picture of herself reading on Instagram and someone commented, “You’ve never read a book”. She swiftly replied, “Graduated college.”



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