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15 Celebrities Who Keep Genuinely Weird Pets

You know youre filthy rich when you can keep something other than a dog or cat as your pets. Take a look at 15 celebrities who went over the board and bought themselves some really bizarre pets:


Chris Brown had a pet monkey that later got seized . Soon after he posted a photo of his monkey Fiji on Instagram, he was charged with possession of a pet capuchin monkey without a permit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a miniature horse and a donkey. He calls them Whiskey and Lulu, and mostly keeps them inside his house.

Guns’n’Roses guitarist Slash practically had a gigantic zoo at his home. He had a pet mountain lion, several cats, lizards, and venomous snakes.

Nic Cage owns a pet crow that lives inside a 16-foot geodesic dome. He calls the crow ‘Huginn’ and apparently understands some language – he says “Hi” when Nic enters the room and “Bye” when he exits.

Bob Ross had a pet squirrel that would often show up in his videos. The squirrel was even seen in Beauty is Everywhere, his 1991 follow-up to The Joy of Painting, where he called his squirrel the “Cutest little devil you’ve ever seen.”

Prince owned a pair of pet doves that he had named Majesty and Divinity. The duo got silent after his death. However, when people began playing Prince’s music around, they started chirping right away.

Rapper Vanilla Ice has a lot many exotic pets such as a kangaroo. The kangaroo even has a history of going rogue and running off for two weeks with another one of Vanilla Ice’s animals – his pet goat.

Justin Bieber once owned a pet monkey that kept him a lot in the news. Bieber apparently didn’t treat it too well. One day he brought the monkey to Germany but didn’t have all the necessary papers. The German state seized the monkey and kept it in a zoo.

Kirstie Alley lives in the US with 14 lemurs. Although she has a full-time animal caretaker, she doesn’t recommend them as pets since they’re a big responsibility.

George Clooney owned a pot-bellied pig called Max which was very close to him. Clooney even allowed Max in his bedroom which even ended two of Clooney’s relationships.

Sam Neill has a larger variety of domestic animals that he has named after celebs. There are pigs like Angelica Huston and Imogen Poots a rooster called Michael Fassbender, and Graham Norton the bull.

Miley Cyrus owns a pet pig that she adopted soon after her dog’s death. The pig was named Bubba Sue and is Miley’s favorite living being on earth. She has shared photos of Bubba kissing and chasing her with brushes.

Nicole Richie has a total of eight chickens as pets as well as a a lizard. Their names are Ivy, Sibby, Dixie Chick, Tallulah, Philomena, Mama Cass, Sunny, and Daisy. Richie met them in a glamorous photo shoot.

Jennifer Garner owns a pet chicken that she calls by a Mean Girls character, Regina George. Garner has even shared videos of her reading the newspaper aloud to Regina on Instagram .

Salma Hayek is the mother of an owl (not literally). She has named the nocturnal bird after her husband’s luxury company. Her owl Kering likes to drink wine and often stands on Hayek’s iPad while she’s using it.

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