15 Celebrity Names That Everyone Pronounces Incorrectly

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There are numerous celebs in showbiz who get their names pronounced incorrectly. No matter how hard you try, it’s just not easy to get hold of their surnames. Check out 15 such celebrity names that everyone pronounces wrong:


1. Ralph Fiennes – “Rafe”

Names That Everyone Pronounces Incorrectly

Ralph Fiennes who is famously known as Voldemort has a name that is pretty hard to pronounce. It’s ‘Rafe’ just like ‘safe’ and not Ralph like every other normal name that people have.” Also, since we’re talking about it, it’s ‘Voldemore’, not Voldemort.

2. Amanda Seyfried – “Sigh-fred”

Names That Everyone Pronounces Incorrectly

Even Amanda Seyfried and her sister aren’t sure of how their own name is pronounced. She pronounces it ‘Sigh-fred’ whereas her sister pronounces it Sigh-freed. We believe it’s pretty alright as long as you don’t go with Sigfreed.


3. Jake Gyllenhaal – “Yillen hail-oh”

Names That Everyone Pronounces Incorrectly

Jake’s last name is quite difficult to pronounce for many out there. We’ll exclude you if you’re Swedish. Apparently, his name is pronounced like an Ikea word: Yillen hailoh.



4. Timothée Chalamet – “Tim-o-they”

Chalamet, the actor who earned global recognition for playing a sandy messiah in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune refrains from pronouncing his name with an ‘ee’ at the end. He enunciates a ‘they.’


5. Chiwetel Ejiofor – “Chew-it-tell Edge-ee-oh-four”


For most Americans, “Chiwetel Ejiofor” is a non-white name that is nearly impossible to pronounce. However, the Doctor Strange star’s name is incredibly easy to pronounce. It’s just Chew-it-tell Edge-ee-oh-Four.


6. Domnhall Gleeson – “Donal”

Domnhall Gleeson’s name appears confusing but it’s actually not. You’re supposed to call it ‘Donal’ just like the word ‘tonal. The extra ‘M’ only ends up confusing us.



7. Guy Fieri – “Fee-eddy”

He’s America’s favorite wildman but people end up pronouncing his name incorrectly. Guy Fieri’s last name is not said like the sportscar brand. It’s Fee-eddy to be precise.


8. Lindsay Lohan – “Low-en”


Despite being in the showbiz since she was a kid, everyone’s been pronouncing LiLo’s name incorrectly. It’s not Low-han but actually Low-en.


9. Mia Wasikowska – “Wah-sih-kow-ska”

Famous for playing roles in coming-of-age movies Mia Wasikowska has an unpronounceable last name. However, it’s not as bad as it seems. “Wah-sih-kow-ska.”



10. Denis Villeneuve – “Den-ee Vill-nev-en”

Denis Villeneuve has come to fame lately for films such as Arrival and Dune. However, none of that has made his name easier to pronounce. Many people end up calling him ‘Dennis Villenview’, it is actually more like ‘Den-ee Vill-nev-en’.


11. Chrissy Teigen – “TIE-gen”


Teigen often doesn’t pronounce her own name correctly. She has led people to believe that it is TEE-gen instead of TIE-gen.


12. Alicia Silverstone – “Alee-see-uh”

Rose to fame for her film Clueless, Alicia Silverstone gets her name mispronounced so often the people seem to have forgotten that it’s an incredibly easy name. Her name is not Alisha, it’s “Alicia” as in Alee-see-a.



13. Dacre Montgomery – “D+ Acre”

His name looks ridiculously difficult to pronounce but it’s actually just Dacre – like acre, but with a D.


14. Hasan Minhaj – “Ha-sin Min-haj”


Hasan’s name is normally pronounced ‘Hasin’ which rhymes with “gas-in.” It is actually Ha-sin Min-haj.


15. Camila Cabello – “Cabejo”

The Cuban-American singer’s last name is not pronounced with an American LL (Cabello). It is actually a Spanish name and has the sound of ‘J’ (Cabejo).



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