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15 Celebs That Were Discovered In Wild Ways

15 Celebs That Were Discovered In Wild Ways

Some of the biggest names in showbiz were once working dead-end jobs before they rose to fame and became global icons. Take a look a 15 celebs who were discovered in wild ways:


1. A film producer spotted Norman Reedus drunk at an industry party shouting at everyone. However, Norman did it with such charm, style, and handsome young man-ness, he was offered a role in a play immediately.

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Discovered In Wild Ways

2. One day, when Charlize Theron went to withdraw money from the bank, the teller told her that she can’t access her own account. A high profile manager saw Theron for the first time shouting at a bank.

2 18
Discovered In Wild Ways

3. Sara Michelle Gellar was only four years old when she got discovered by an agent in a Manhattan restaurant. She’s currently 44 and has a career spanning over 40 years in the showbiz.

3 16
Discovered In Wild Ways

4. Pamela Anderson stepped in showbiz because she was spotted by the Jumbotron of the Canadian Football League. She soon rose to fame as she would attend the games wearing a t-shirt that showed off her moves.

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5. Angus Cloud who playes the character of Fezco in ‘Euphoria‘. was just walking down the street when he bagged the role in the TV show. He was earning $7.50 an hour at Waffle House when a talent scout saw him on the street and just started asking him questions, before sending him to LA.

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6. Mila Kunis won the Green Card lottery to come to the United States. A resident of Soviet Ukraine, Mila Kunis lied about her age saying at fourteen that she would be turning eighteen on her birthday. She just did not tell them which year.

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7. Harrison Ford was a (bad) carpenter before he started his career as an actor. The carpenter turned out to be a bit better at acting than sawing.

7 18

8. Matt Dillon’s career exists because of a talent scout who would stalk children. He saw Matt skipping classes and acting all tough so brought him to meet the director.

8 17

9. Marilyn Monroe was made famous by a photo. Monroe was at work when a photographer spotted her, and with a picture made America fall in love.

9 18

10. Before he became a professional actor, Danny Trejo worked as an extra and a trainer. He took a job for 50 bucks and started working as an extra, before becoming a trainer and finally doing real full time acting.

10 18

11. Jonn Wayne was initially a background actor. He went from doing random movie jobs to random scene-filling background character to bigger background character to finally lead roles. He was eventually recognized for his acting and became a prominent showbiz star.

11 14

13. Jon Peters married into a job as a producer. Marrying Barbra Streisand allowed the former hairdresser to produce movies like Tim Burton’s Batman and Wild Wild West.

12 15

14. Johnny Depp used be a musician before an actor. One day when Nicolas Cage met him, he recommended Depp to try acting instead of rock and roll and the rest is history.

13 14

15. Everyone’s favorite drill sergeant R. Lee Ermey was a real life drill sergeant who helped make sure film’s portrayed boot camp realistically.

14 9


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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.