15 Celebs We Didn’t Know Went Through Hard Times As Kids


When we look from the surface, celebs appear to be super coddled individuals. However, some of them have had traumatic childhood experiences that are the exact opposite of that. Take a look at 15 celebs who went through hard times as kids:

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1. As a kid, Henry Cavill used to get teased about his weight. As an adult, he jokes about it often and said: “I was fat. I was Fat Cavill”.

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Went Through Hard Times As Kids

2. Alan Alda fought polio when he was still just a kid. He had to go through an intense six-month therapy process about which he says, “My parents couldn’t afford a nurse and had to torture me themselves. It’s always better to pay somebody to torture your kid.”

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3. Kids in her school used to bully Kate Winslet over the way she looked. She said, “I was teased for how l looked. In part, yeah, because I was quite stocky as a child”.

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Went Through Hard Times As Kids

4. While growing up, Mayim Bialik was a victim of school bullies. “I was very small for my age and I developed late, so I was teased a lot. I cried a lot and felt left out of many things my whole life, and I still feel that way as an adult sometimes,” she narrated.

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Went Through Hard Times As Kids

5. Kids used to mock Tom Holland for being a little too seriously involved in dancing “There were times when I was bullied about dancing and stuff. But you couldn’t hit me hard enough to stop me from doing it,” he says.

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6. When Macaulay Culkin was a child star, he’d often face harassment on the streets. His brother Kieran recounted, “One time, a woman pulled off his hat and looked at him and said, Yeah, it’s him! You’re not that cute. And then handed the hat back and walked away.”

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7. As a kid, Pete Davidson has had several episodes of visiting the mental health facility. He’s been “in and out” of them since age 9, he also claims that he tried to drown himself when he was in fourth or fifth grade (he totally failed at it).


8. Marcus Rashford who we know as the star player of Manchester United went hungry as a kid. He explained, “I remember my mum used to go to a shop called Poundworld and everything was under a pound. We would schedule our allowance. So we would get seven yogurts and we could only have one yogurt a day.”

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9. Viola Davis grew up so poor, her family couldn’t afford a camera. She has a grand total of one photo from her entire traumatic childhood.

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10. Dax Shepard revealed that he got molested when he was a child. He explained it took him 12 years to tell anyone. “I was like it’s my fault, as generic as that is and I’m gay, I must have manifested this because I’m secretly gay. I had all these insane thoughts for 11 years or 12 years”.

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11. Natalie Portman got sexualized as a kid and that scared her a lot. That was the result of roles like the one in Leon and, as she said: “Being sexualized as a child, I think took away from my own sexuality because it made me afraid”.

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12. Ryan Seacrest was bullied a kid for his weight. “I was teased for it, and I will always see that little boy when l look in the mirror. I cannot get past it, I’ve talked to our experts about it, but for some reason, I just cannot see that guy,” he explained.

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13. Michael Jackson called his sister Janet Jackson with vulgar names. “There were times when Mike used to tease me and call me names. He used to call me ‘pig’, ‘horse’, ‘slaughter hog, ‘cow’. It wasn’t out of malice on his part at all,” she said.

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14. Charlize Theron grew up on a farm with her parents. Her father was a drunkard who used to abuse her mother. Once, her father came home drunk with his brother and threatened to shoot Charlize and her mother. Out of self-defense, her mother shot them both and killed Charlize’s father.

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15. Nicki Minaj’s dad was a druggie who would sell their belongings for drug money. Once he lit their house on fire and even made an attempt to kill Nicki’s mother.

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