15 Celebs We Had No Idea Were Victims Of Robberies

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These stars have bravely opened up about the traumatic times when they became victims of robberies.



1. The bass guitarist of the rock band Pearl Jam, Jeff Ament got robbed by NINJAS! It was 2009 when he got out of a recording studio to get into his car and three masked guys that looked like Ninjas on the security footage attacked him and left with his belongings.

Victims Of Robberies

2. Paul and Linda McCartney were on a visit to Nigeria where the couple got mugged. One night after they were walking home from their studio, a group of men pulled up in a car beside them and kept asking if they needed a lift. After the McCartneys refused several times, six men got out of that car and flef with their demo tapes, a camera and some cash

Victims Of Robberies

3. Eliza Dushku got mugged at gunpoint in a hotel during Halloween 2014. The robbers were dressed in costumes and fled with her Louis Vuitton bag Sharon Osbourne had gifted her.

Victims Of Robberies

4. When Woody Harrelson got a role in “Cheers,” he bought himself a Porsche to celebrate. The night later he got robbed at gunpoint by a robber who was demanded his car keys. By fate Harrelson got to keep his car as the robber fled with only his money.


5. “Supernatural” actor Misha Collins got mugged in Minneapolis. He was on his way to a convention for Supernatural when a man mugged and beat him up. Collins was so hurt he couldn’t even smile for a while with his bruised lips.

6. A burglar broke inside George Clooney’s Lake Como villa once. However, the thief could only manage a bottle of wine before the security alarms were alerted and the police showed up to arrest him.

7. Robbers stole belongings worth over 2 million pounds from the Osbournes. The thieves broke inside Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s home and swiped a bunch of jewelry, including Sharon’s diamond wedding bands.


8. Back in 2015, thieves broke into music mogul Simon Cowell’s home in London and stole his belongings worth over  £1million. He lost a lot of jewelry as well as some passports.

9. Bam Margera was on his visit to Cartagena, Colombia where he got robbed at gunpoint. It happened in a taxi, he says – “The driver took out a gun and asked me to empty my wallet.”

10. Drake was robbed on gunpoint in Toronto in 2009 when he was on a date. The thieves knocked on his window and told him to take off the chain that he was wearing. The chain was a gift from Lil Wayne.

11. The night news broke that Dr. Dre had been hospitalized with a brain aneurysm, a bunch of robbers broke into his house.


12. A robbery took place on the set of Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 2020. The thieves however couldn’t make off with too much. They fled with some laptops and a slate that indicates that the shooting has begun.

13. Beyonce’s store room was attacked by some burglars who stole $1 million. Now this wasn’t $1 million in cash, Beyonce had $1 million worth of luxury goods she kept in the storage unit.

14. Somebody broke into Kevin Hart’s California house while he was in Miami in 2016. He lost a bunch of jewelry, watches, clothing, and other personal possessions.


15. Model Gigi Hadid was got robbed off her belongings during her visit to Mykonos, Greece. The model shared an Instagram caption where she wrote “Don’t let insta fool u. Got robbed. Never going back lol. Wouldn’t recommend.”

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