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15 Celebs Who Trolled Back Trolls Like Pros

15 Celebs Who Trolled Back Trolls Like Pros

Like us, celebrities too have a breaking point where they no longer take any crap from people on social media. Take a look at 15 celebrities who trolled back trolls like pros:

1. A man once tried to troll Ayesha Curry on Instagram. She had the perfect response. It turns out Ayesha owns 4 restaurants in the United States.

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Trolled back trolls

2. During an interview with The New York Times, Donald Trump passed comments on Heidi Klum and said she’s “No longer a 10”. Heidi responded hilariously with this video that won our hearts.

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Trolled back trolls

3. Through an Instagram comment, a random troll tried to mock LaMarcus Aldridge on his birthday. However, he had no space for any negativity that day:

3 11

4. A Twitter user called Michael B. Jordan a ‘short, anime fan who lives with his parents.’ Michael responded swiftly with this tweet:

4 10

5. When Queen Elizabeth II visited New Zealand in 1986, some protestors threw eggs at her. Later, at a state banquet, she joked, “Of course, New Zealand has also long been renowned for its dairy produce, though I should say that I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.”

5 10

6. Kylie Jenner once received a hate Tweet where a user described her as a 14-year-old prostitute. Kylie corrected and gave it back to him by saying “Idk I feel like I look like a 19-year-old prostitute”

6 12

7. A hate tweet on Twitter called James Blunt “an annoying face with a highly irritating voice.” James had the most iconic reply as he tweeted back saying “And no mortgage”.

7 11

8. When a troll attacked Chrissy Teigen for posting pictures of herself breastfeeding, she replied:

8 10

9. Plus-size model Ashley Alexiss made a snappy clap-back to a guy who tried to fat-shame her:

9 9

10. A troll on Twitter criticized Rihanna for her hairstyle on the cover of her new single. Rihanna made a savage reply and years later named one of her Fenty Beauty eyeliner “Cuz I’m Black”.

10 10

11. A troll called out plus-size model Iskra Lawrence stuff like “Fat cow… Plus-size models? give me a f***g breaking,” and said UK health services are “t***d because of people like her eating too many bags of crisps.” So she took this photo of herself eating chips and giving the finger and posted on Instagram.

11 7

12. Taylor Swift addressed the issue of people writing songs about her exes in an interview: “Frankly, that’s a very sexist angle to take. No one says that about Ed Sheeran. No one says that about Bruno Mars. They’re all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love life, and no one raises a red flag there.”

12 7

13. NBA Star Jimmy Butler had the perfect comeback to a fan who claimed he didn’t deserve to get a max salary contract:

13 9

14. Kim Kardashian gracefully responded to a troll calling her out for her narcissism with this tweet:

14 9

15. This is how J.K. Rowling replied to fellow writer Kevin Williamson, who accused her of being a bully:

15 5

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