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15 Characters You Might Not Have Realized Were The Actual Villains

There was a beautiful time when we used to plan movie dates and go to the cinema hall with our friends. With no new releases in the theatres, our ultimate destinations for entertainment are OTT platforms where we have been re-watching old favorites and scrutinizing them on social media.

Most of the films that we watch usually specify to us who the bad guy in the story is. And on most days, we accept that. But do you ever look back at certain characters who everyone loved and realized that they were the reason for all the problems created? Scroll down for this eye-opener that forces us to look at classic characters in a new light.

1. Actual villains of The Office: Pam and Angela

It’s hard to admit, but everyone’s favorite receptionist from The Office, Pam Beesly, isn’t all that perfect. Even Angela for that matter, is demeaning, racist, homophobic, fatphobic, a cheater (multiple times), and denied Dwight the right to his son until he fell in love with her.

2. Actual villain of Thor: Odin

Odin was definitely not a good parent to his kids. Imagine, your kids are Hela, Thor, and Loki and you treat each of them harshly at different points in their lives and push them towards a darker path.

3. Actual villain of Desperate Housewives: Susan

Susan technically caused problems for everyone around her. She was pathetic at handling responsibilities and it should be held accountable for Mike’s death.

4. Actual villain of How I Met Your Mother: Lily

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Lily’s behavior was really immature, self-centered, and inconsiderate. For example, she steals from Ted’s boss to teach him a lesson, therefore risking her friend’s job, and the jobs of everyone else in that office?

5. Actual villain of High School Musical: Sharpay

Sharpay really told Gabby and Troy ‘We will try to find small parts for you,’ as if they didn’t have a chance. She tried to sabotage the callback and even tried to steal Troy away.

6. Actual villain of Glee: Mr. Schue

Mr. Schue got away with a lot of things he should have been held accountable for. He always favored Rachel and Blaine. In season 3, instead of trying to install a stronger work ethic in Mercedes, Mr. Schue got angry and compared her to Rachel.

7. Actual villain of Mean Girls: BOTH Janis and Regina

Regina and Janis were both 100% in the wrong. People need to understand that there’s not always a clean ‘one side bad/one side good’ aspect of the conflict. Sometimes both are bad, and you have to recognize that you need to create your own side to right both of them.

8. Actual villain of Breaking Bad: The American Healthcare System

Walter isn’t the main villain of the story. It’s the American healthcare system. In any other country, the show would have lasted for 10 seconds if the bills weren’t sky-high.

9. Actual villain of Voltron: Legendary Defender: Hubris

While many see Zarkan as the main villain, it is actually Hubris who should be given this title. In Zarkon’s backstory with Haggar, we get to see the real picture.

10. Actual villain of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Grandpa Joe

There have been anti-Grandpa Joe websites around for years. Selfishness from Grandpa Joe is evident in the entire movie. He sat on his smelly ass for 20 years complaining and making Mrs. Bucket struggle with her low-paying laundry job to raise five other household members.

11. Actual villain of Black Panther: T’Chaka

T’Chaka shouldn’t have gone around murdering his own brother in cold blood and leave his young son to struggle on the streets of a racially segregated country. It totally justifies why Killmonger was pissed.

12. Actual villain of The Princess Diaries: Lily

Lily does literally nothing when Mia gets disrespected and is never quite really there for her. She’s definitely no the friend Mia needed and a lot of her life problems could’ve been easier had Lily been a better friend.

13. Actual villain of Gilmore Girls: Lorelai

Fans somehow fell in love with her laid-back attitude, immature tendencies, and sharp backtalk. There are tons of things wrong with Lorelai which need acknowledgment. Emily really isn’t the main villain.

14. Actual villain of Devil Wears Prada: Andy’s boyfriend Nate

Nate is a selfish, whiny man-child who thinks his birthday is more important than Andy’s career. He wanted Andy to stop following her dreams because she seems extremely unhappy all the time and is changing her entire self right before his eyes.

15. Actual villain of Titanic: Rose

Leave the idea of her accommodating Jack on the space remaining on the floating door. Rose ended up marrying Cal after everything. We should probably sympathize with the man getting cheated on, not the person cheating. And wow, tossing a $250 million diamond necklace seems all romantic on the surface but imagine what better could’ve been done.


Do you think these are the actual villains? Do you have movies/shows, where you disagree about who people consider the character as a villain? Share with us in the comment section below!

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