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10 Kids Movies That Are Actually Super Deep, Even If You’re An Adult

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A couple of days ago, Reddit user NoAltBruh asked about films that were made for kids but were actually very deep and thought-provoking. The responses were pretty intriguing and we have selected our top picks:

1) Inside Out has been the greatest movie for helping kids understand emotions. Adults could learn just as much by watching it. The film does a really good job of showing how complex human emotion is.


2) Meet The Robinsons was one of Disney’s most convoluted production. The film teaches you to be self-reliant and still value family. Keep moving forward. Things might suck now, but you’ve got your whole future ahead of you!

3) Coraline was not only deep but insanely creepy too. Coraline might be made for kids but the horror in it is enough to even give nightmares to adults

4) Monsters University teaches multiple valuable lessons. Sometimes we’re just not going to be big enough, or fast enough, or strong enough, or smart enough. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t embrace our own strengths and talents to find what we can do.


5) The Tigger Movie is all about Tigger trying to find his family and not realizing the folks from the Hundred Acre Wood are his real family.

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6) Lilo & Stich The fact that Lilo actually gets taken away from Nani by the social worker is just so heavy. They share such an intricate relationship.


7) UP The film’s opening scene is enough to make a grown man cry. Carl gives up his dreams and leads a life that’s different from what Ellie wanted for them. When he finds the photo book, he realizes that it’s actually fine to live a different life because, in the end, that’s what life is.


8) Kung Fu Panda is a deep and beautiful story about loving yourself and embracing who you are. Master Oogway’s teachings can be imbibed at any age of your life 

9) Zootopia starts out as a cute film about animals living like humans but quickly turns into a film about classes in society and racism. The most important lesson it leaves us with is to not judge anyone by their looks


10) The Lion King is one of the pinnacle movies that is made for all ages but has themes that resonate with adults. The film teaches you to face your fears rather than trying to deny it and run away and talks about how to deal with and accept the death of a loved one. It is necessary for everyone.



Source: BuzzFeed

Written by Muneer

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