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15 Compelling Facts About Where These Famous Scenes Were Shot

In order to make a scene memorable, it is very important to select the right location for a movie scene that perfectly works with the story that is being narrated. Movie scenes are mostly shot in actual places that you can visit and here we have listed 15 fascinating facts about the shoot location of these famous movie scenes.

1) Midsommar, which is set in Sweden, was not actually shot in Sweden.

According to the film’s production notes, a Swedish law restricted film crews from shooting for more than eight hours per day so they filmed in Budapest, Hungary.

2) The Grand Budapest Hotel was shot in an abandoned mall.


According to the producer Jeremy Dawson, Görlitzer Warenhaus in Görlitzer, Germany had the “height and scale, the grandness” they needed to represent the hotel.

3) M’s apartment shown in Skyfall was owned by composer John Barry.

Barry composed music for 11 Bond movies, including Goldfinger in 1964. His last one was The Living Daylights in 1987.

4) In The Karate Kid, the pool in Daniel’s apartment complex was full in real life.

The apartment complex looked run-down and shabby and in order to make the pool look the part, they drained it.

5) The serene, secluded tropical island featured in Crazy Rich Asians isn’t actually like that in reality.

The real Sentosa island has a lot of shops, paved walkways, and a water park.

6) In Bridgerton, the interiors of the Bridgerton House were shot in an officers’ mess.

The building called Halton House is also a mess for officers at Royal Air Force base Halton as it is in the vicinity.

7) The police station in Robocop is actually a concert hall in Dallas, Texas.

It looks unrecognizable without the police gadgets. The exact address is Sons of Herman Hall, 3414 Elm St.

8) Luke’s island in The Last Jedi was a real-life monk retreat for centuries.

Credit: Storytravelers

Gaelic Christian monks would go to Michael Skellig for extreme isolation from somewhere between the 6th and 8th century up to the late 12th or early 13th century.

9) Fishermen store their supplies in Obi-Wan’s home from Star Wars now.

The building is located in Tunisia is very close to the Mediterranean Sea. Fishermen now use it to store their supplies since it is more convenient.

10) Orange is the New Black was shot at a psychiatric hospital for children.

Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center in Orangeburg, NY was used to shoot exterior shots, including the greenhouse and the fences.

11) Richard Nixon went to the high school in Back to the Future.

Richard Nixon went to Whittier High School in Whittier, CA which was featured in Back to the Future. He ran for student body president and lost.

12) A real corporate HQ was used in Wonder Woman 1984.

The HQ of London’s Legal & General financial services company was used in the movie. Once used by 1500 employees, the building is no longer in use and has been vacant since 2017.

13) Some parts of Space Jam 2 were filmed at the house of an LA Lakers hater.

NBA Superfan James Goldstein (also a LA Lakers hater) let LeBron James film at his house because they’ve been friends for many years.

14) A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood was shot in Fred Rogers’ actual studio.

The whole set of the movie was built in old Fred Rogers Studio at WQED-TV in Pittsburgh.

15) In Ozark, the featured Grand Navarro estate was actually a chapel and mausoleum.

It is located in Westview Cemetery in Atlanta. It is popular among tourists and filmmakers.


Source: Cracked